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Frame Lab explored the future of the spatial design world from four different angles; Me Lab, We Lab, World Lab and Wellness Lab. The four Labs surrounded the main auditorium, which was evolved into the stage for the Frame Awards Show later that evening.

Frame Lab was proudly presented by IBA, the German trade association for the design of work environments representing the interests of office and contract furniture, acoustics, light and AV technique manufacturers.

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Me Lab

The notion of 'luxury' is changing. No longer defined by money, pricey possessions and comfort, the world is becoming more synonymous with time and personal attention. From tailor-made experiences to objects that put the consumer in the driver's seat, customization is strengthening the connection between product and user.

We Lab

Co-working and co-living: terms that have recently entered the modern vernacular. That's because the phenomena are linked to young professionals. Known as Generation Rent, they choose convenience and experience over acquisition and investment. How can design support collaboration and connection in the sharing economy?

World Lab

With concerns such as displacement, pollution and inclusion / exclusion in the spotlight, societal and environmental issues are on the minds of many - including designers. Holding up a mirror to the situation, creatives are using their innovative nous to prompt others to sit up and pay attention.

Wellness Lab

While some fitness fanatics are out to shrink in size, the wellness economy itself is swelling exponentially. It's safe to say that health-related spaces, products and services are not only here to stay but are penetrating every layer of our daily lives - on a global scale. The trend is invading every possible genre, from retail to hospitality and from work to living. Wellth is the new wealth.

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The Frame Awards and Lab would not have been possible without the generous support of our partners and sponsors, who help us in our mission of empowering spatial design excellence.

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