Meet the Jury

There are eight jury panels; one for each of the six Spatial Awards categories, one for the Executional Awards and one for the Societal Awards. Each panel is comprised of designers, manufacturers and clients representing a balance of diverse industry perspectives.

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Spatial Awards

Retail Li Xiang

Li Xiang

X+Living President and Creative Director

Xiang creates striking interior projects, each highly unique, in search of consumer joy through design that combines visual entertainment and functionality.

Retail Berit Burema

Berit Burema

Ace & Tate Retail Design Manager

Burema specializes in transforming Ace & Tate’s online retail presence into bricks-and-mortar stores that embrace their local context while staying true to the brand philosophy.

Retail Jeff Kindleysides

Jeff Kindleysides

Checkland Kindleysides Founder

Kindleysides has earned recognition for his disruptive and iconic concepts that have helped to shape the brand landscape.

Retail Tim Rupp

Tim Rupp

Nike Design Director of Retail Environments

Rupp translates core Nike design principles into the design of physical stores and spatial brand experiences around the world.

Retail Anny Wang 2

Anny Wang

Wang & Söderström Founder

Wang is a spatial designer, furniture designer and artist. She creates mind tickling and unexpected experiences through materiality and technology.

Spatial Awards

Hospitality Tina Norden

Tina Norden

Conran + Partners Director

Approaching each project through its unique context and history, Norden pursues a quality of timelessness in the creation of interiors and architecture.

Hospitality Peter Ippolito

Peter Ippolito

Ippolito Fleitz Group Cofounder

The studio Ippolito co-founded created the concept of identity architecture, a multidisciplinary field integrating object and spatial design with branding.

Hospitality Patricia Holler

Patricia Holler

Marriott Global Design Senior Interior Design Director

Holler creates authentic and unique experiences through spatial design in the luxury travel and hospitality industries.

Hospitality Natali Canas Del Pozo

Natali Canas del Pozo

El Equipo Creativo Cofounder

The Barcelona-based studio established by architect Canas del Pozo and her partners is internationally recognized for its bold approach to hospitality interiors.

Werner Aisslinger2

Werner Aisslinger

Studio Aisslinger Founder

Aisslinger’s experimental and artistic approach to industrial design and architecture is often driven by new technologies.

Spatial Awards

Institutions Alex De Rljke

Alex de Rijke

dRMM Founding Director

A leader in contemporary construction materials and technology research, De Rijke has pioneered engineered timber designs with a focus on applications for socially useful architecture.

Institutions Gyula Ory

Gyula Öry

Cairn Real Estate Development Director

Öry leverages his experience with design, construction, real estate law and urban planning to develop environments where people feel inspired and connected.

Institutions Francine Houben

Francine Houben

Mecanoo Founding Partner and Creative Director

Houben’s holistic approach to architecture finds meaningful expression in her broad portfolio of institutional and social spaces.

Institutions Marie Hesseldahl Larsen

Marie Hesseldahl Larsen

3XN Partner and Head of Interior

Hesseldahl Larsen has led internationally acclaimed interior design projects, specializing in offices, cultural centres and public buildings.

Institutions David Rockwell

David Rockwell

Rockwell Group Founder and President

Rockwell creates extraordinary, performative experiences across the globe with his innovative interdisciplinary architecture and design firm, Rockwell Group.

Spatial Awards

Residences Dominique Taffin

Dominique Taffin

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors Industrial Design Senior Manager

Leveraging more than 25 years of experience in industrial design, Taffin manages international projects for the automotive industry.

Residences Libby Sellers

Libby Sellers

Design Historian, Writer and Consultant

Libby Sellers drives forward critical and conceptual design through her work in design curatorship, consulting and writing.

Residences Paola Navone

Paola Navone

Architect, Designer and Art Director

Distinctive, playful yet thoughtfully conceived, Navone’s work is driven by her curiosity and eclectic approach to research and outcome.

Residences Lara Deam

Lara Deam

Dwell Founder and CEO

Of all the recognition Dwell has received for advocating for progressive residential architecture, Deam says that she most cherishes the media brand being featured on the Simpsons.

Arianna Lelli Mami 2

Arianna Lelli Mami

Studiopepe Cofounder and Creative Director

As part of design duo Studiopepe, Lelli Mami’s work spans from private interiors to exhibition and set design. Her projects express a strong eclectic language, united by a poetic vision.

Spatial Awards

Shows Yutaka Hasegawa

Yutaka Hasegawa

Sony Creative Centre Design Vice President

Hasegawa promotes innovation in the various departments he manages at Sony including design R&D, communication, and product and UI design.

Shows Paolo Brambilla 2

Paolo Brambilla

Calvi Brambilla Cofounder

Brambilla is an active contributer to the architecture industry, he lectures, sits on the Chamber of Architects of Milan board and runs an award-winning design firm.

Shows Sakchin Bessette

Sakchin Bessette

Moment Factory Cofounder

Bessette guides Moment Factory in designing new-media experiential environments that amaze and inspire people.

Shows Eylul Duranagac

Eylul Duranagac

OUCHHH Creative Director

Artist and designer, Duranagac, mixes scientific and geological subject matter with parametric modelling and computational design to create immersive installations.

Samir Bantal 2

Samir Bantal

AMO/OMA Director

Bantal leads AMO - OMA’s research and design studio - in applying architectural thinking beyond architecture or urbanism and into the fields of design, technology, media and art.

Spatial Awards

Workplace Sevil Peach

Sevil Peach

SevilPeach Founder

Peach has been a groundbreaking figure in dynamic, human-centric workspace design, leading companies towards more responsive and adaptive environments.

Workplace Sudhir Saseedharan

Sudhir Saseedharan

Lego Workplace Design Global Lead

With a focus on enhancing engagement through user-centric design, Saseedharan applies his global mindset and cultural sensitivity to creating next-level Lego workplace experiences.

Kati Barklun 2

Kati Barklund

Tenant & Partner Senior Manager, Workplace Strategy

Barklund believes the workspace is a strategic tool to drive business results and innovation that should be attractive, smart, sustainable and efficient.

Workplace Primo Orpilla 2

Primo Orpilla

Studio O+A Cofounder and Principal

The studio Orpilla helped to establish is renowned for challenging the conventions of workspace design, with a focus on technology companies.

Workplace Andy Heath 2

Andy Heath

WeWork Head of Design, Europe, Israel and Australia

Known for his unique style and approach to challenging design convention, Heath leads a team at WeWork that delivers on his vision of community-focused collaboration spaces.

Executional Awards

Executional Yinka Ilori

Yinka Ilori

Contemporary Artist and Designer

Telling stories through furniture is Ilori’s specialty; his work often touches on personal and cultural issues that resonate with global audiences.

Executional Bethan Laura Wood 3

Bethan Laura Wood

Studio Wood Founder

Wood has built an award-winning multidisciplinary practice characterized by material investigation, artisan collaboration, and a passion for colour and detail.

Executional Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis

Object and Installation Designer

Specializing in materiality and its interplay with light, Marcelis’s work is characterized by her extensive experimentation with production processes.

Executional Ana Hernandéz Palacios

Ana Hernández Palacios

Masquespacio Cofounder

Early on Hernández Palacios knew she wanted to develop her own signature style, her co-found studio - Masquespacio - has become known for its fresh approach in merging brand with interior.

Executional Benoit Steenackers

Benoit Steenackers

Hermès Collection Manager

Trained as an industrial designer, Steenackers develops major collections of furniture and lighting.

Societal Awards

Societal Didier Faustino

Didier Faustino

Artist and Architect

Offering critical perspectives on art and architecture, Faustino’s work centers around the relationship between body and space.

Societal Matylda Krzykowski

Matylda Krzykowski

Designer, Curator, Advisor and Professor

Krzykowski has a strong perspective on design as a discipline for communication, she experiments with the inner mechanisms of design in her works.

Societal Zenul Aberdin Khan

Zenul Aberdin Khan

Snøhetta Senior Architect

Aiming to enhance our sense of our surroundings, Khan’s work expresses generosity and thoughtfulness to context and identity.

Societal Hester Van Dijk

Hester Van Dijk

Overtreders W Cofounder

Van Dijk designs with a sustainable and cyclical mindset for social contexts through her spatial design work on exhibitions, interiors and public artworks.

Executional Humberto Campana

Humberto Campana

Campana & Instituto Campana Cofounder

A multidisciplinary designer, Campana’s work explores themes of reinvention and the integration of craftsmanship in mass production.

The visionaries driving spatial innovation

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