The Frame Awards cover the entire spectrum of non-residential interiors. Our international jury selected five nominees per category which you will find listed below. Log in to vote for your favourite nominees and decide the People's Vote! You may vote only once in each category. Voting ends 20 February 2018 at 1 PM.

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Spatial Awards

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Single-brand Store of the Year

Retail stores representing only one brand: flagships, brand stores, shop-in-shops, hair salons, nail studios, bakeries, ice-cream parlours, showrooms

Sulwhasoo Flagship, Seoul

Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

Adidas Nyc Hero Image 1
Adidas Flagship, New York City

Adidas with Checkland Kindleysides and Gensler NY


Multi-brand Store of the Year

Retail stores representing more than one brand: department stores, bookstores, supermarkets, boutiques, pharmacies

Artedomus Syd09 Copy
Artedomus Showroom, Sydney

The Stella Collective and Thomas Coward Studio

Siam Discovery, Bangkok

Nendo + Onndo / Taisuke Sumihiro and Shohei Suzuki


Pop-up Store of the Year

Temporary (maximum intended lifespan of one year) single- and multi-brand retail stores


Window Display of the Year

Temporary installations and displays in retail store windows

Spatial Awards


Bar of the Year

Bars designed to serve drinks and small dishes, including nightclubs – either stand-alone spaces or establishments that are part of a bigger venue, such as a hotel

Bureau A Shelter ┬® Dylan Perrenoud 03
Shelter, Geneva

Daniel Zamarbide and Leopold Banchini

02 The Hall 171019 040026
Hepburn Club, Guangzhou

Shenzhen Newera Design Consultant


Restaurant of the Year

Restaurants may be either stand-alone or part of a bigger venue, such as a hotel


Hotel of the Year

Hotels and resorts for business or leisure


Cinema of the Year

Interior spaces specifically designed to screen movies


Health Club of the Year

Interior spaces dedicated to physical wellbeing and fitness, such as yoga studios, spas and gyms

005 159 A4099 Hdr
Ceresio 7, Milan

Storage Associati

01 Powerhouse Company In Sports Bar And Reception Desk Photo By Wu Qingshan
inSports, Beijing

Powerhouse Company

Equinox Dumbo 2016 68
Equinox Dumbo, New York City

INC Architecture & Design

Bxr Boxing Gym 2
BXR, London

Bergman Interiors

Spatial Awards


Co-Working Space of the Year

Workspaces designed to be shared between several companies or individual entrepreneurs

Spring Place 005 171101 151823
Spring Place, New York City

Bluarch Architecture + Interiors + Lighting

Neuehouse La0506 171031 202422
NeueHouse Hollywood, Los Angeles

Rockwell Group and NeueHouse Studio

2 Linehouse We Work Weihai Lu Hi
WeWork Weihai Lu, Shanghai

Linehouse and WeWork

Image 4 170927 001716
RDC-S111, Long Beach

Retail Design Collaborative and Studio One Eleven


Small Office of the Year

Workspaces of 2,000 m2 or less 


Large Office of the Year

Workspaces larger than 2,000 m2

Spatial Awards


Learning Space of the Year

Interior spaces aimed at education, such as nurseries, schools, academies and universities


Healthcare Centre of the Year

Interior spaces dedicated to healthcare and psychological and physical wellbeing, such as hospitals, clinics and dental practices


Government Interior of the Year

Government interiors, such as city halls, libraries, courts of justice, embassies and prisons

Spatial Awards


Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Temporary booths and structures dedicated to showcasing brands, products or services at trade fairs

Img 2240
Annual Arca

Héctor Esrawe

 + Manuel Cervantes
 + Mauricio Rocha 

+ Javier Sánchez

 + Javier Claverie
 + Rafael Rivera

 + Jorge Arvizu 

+ Ignacio del Río + Emmanuel Ramírez + Diego Ricalde


Exhibition of the Year

Temporary and permanent commercial or cultural showcases for museums, galleries or companies


Set Design of the Year

Temporary installations staging fashion shows and performances such as films, concerts or theatre plays

Executional Awards


Best Use of Colour

Spaces that utilize colour in new and innovative ways. Only the interior’s relationship to the colour scheme will be considered in judging

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Besau Marguerre About You Office 01
About You Photostudio, Hamburg

Studio Besau-Marguerre

Sal Marston Photography The Student Hotel Maastricht 5
The Student Hotel, Maastricht

The Student Hotel Experience Design and The Invisible Party


Best Use of Light

Spaces that deploy light in a substantive and innovative manner. Only the use of light and its effects will be considered in judging


Best Use of Digital Technology

Spaces with the most innovative use and application of new technologies. Only the use of new digital technologies will be considered in judging


Best Use of Material

Spaces that utilize one or more materials (e.g. wood, plastic, concrete) in an innovative and specific way. Only the use of material and its effects will be considered in judging

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Best Craftsmanship

Celebrating excellence in manufacturing and execution. Only the craftsmanship will be considered in judging

He Tohu Exhibition 1
He Tohu Document Room, Wellington

Studio Pacific Architecture

160727 House Vision Tko 084
Yoshino Cedar House, Yoshino

Airbnb Samara Design Studio with Go Hasegawa

Hr 8
Jut Group Lecture Hall, Taipei

MVRDV and Alexandra Kehayoglou Studio

Societal Awards


Sustainability Award

Recognizing design solutions that control the social, economic and environmental footprints of a project. Only the project’s sustainability performance will be considered in judging


Innovation Award

Celebrating creative, new and/or improved use of processes, methods, systems, products or services in a project. Only the innovative elements will be considered in judging


Social Award

Commending projects with a positive political, social and cultural impact on a community

Main Hall
Suzhou Chapel, Suzhou

Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

Societal Society Lga Architects 02
Eva's Phoenix, Toronto

LGA Architectural Partners

160727 House Vision Tko 029 171031 142333
Yoshino Cedar House, Yoshino

Airbnb Samara Design Studio with Go Hasegawa

Honorary Awards


Frame Lifetime Achievement Award

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