Muuto HQ in Copenhagen

Designed by: Muuto in collaboration with BriQ
For client: Muuto Floor area: 1400.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

Pb Muuto Hq Press 2019 9403
© Petra Bindel

Coffee kitchen / social area. A self-service coffee kitchen next to a wall of artfully arranged Dots coat hooks. Kitchen by Reform. All other products by Muuto.

About the Project

13 years after Muuto’s founding, the Scandinavian design brand is proud to introduce its new HQ in the heart of Copenhagen. Spanning across a combined 1400m2, the address of the new HQ has been that of Muuto since 2013 when the company moved into a single floor in the building. As a natural progression of Muuto’s continued growth, the new Muuto HQ is now comprised of three floors along with a rooftop terrace, overlooking the Copenhagen skyline. On Muuto’s approach to creating a space that could at once serve as a workplace and flagship of its brand ethos, Marketing Director Line Brockmann Juhl says: “It was integral to us that we embraced the various ways of working that Muuto’s employees exercise throughout the workday, providing them with facilities that allow for a multitude of work modes: collaborative sessions, formal meetings and solo work sessions, while embracing the social, informal encounters that happen throughout the day,” and adds: “Combined with these multifunctional requirements were a desire to create a new perspective on the modern workplace, brought together under the values and philosophy of Muuto.”

What’s unique about it

As a natural extension of Muuto’s continued emphasis on wellbeing in design and its A Space for Being collaboration with Google, Reddymade Architecture and Johns Hopkins University for Milan Design Week 2019, the spatial design approach of the new HQ has explored the relations between design, space and the workday of Muuto’s employees, creating atmospheres that facilitate the function of a given workspace. The activity-based zones are created through Muuto’s designs that serve a functional and aesthetic purpose, in line with the given work type, as well as through the use of color, materials, shapes, tactility and more. This approach to activity-based zones is founded in the belief that our senses activate our intelligence, prompting the creation of spaces that have a purpose that is not only functional but also aesthetic and biological.

Pb Muuto Hq Press 2019 9397
© Petra Bindel

Hospitality dining setting with a bright and Scandinavian expression. All products by Muuto.

Pb Muuto Hq Press 2019 9367
© Petra Bindel

Shelving unit next to an informal dining setting displaying a muted colour palette and creative styling including an array design objects and magazines. All products by Muuto.

Pb Muuto Hq Press 2019 9473
© Petra Bindel

Welcome counter / first touchpoint with visitors, the welcome counter is a new perspective on a reception desk and a bold (colour) statement in the room.

Showroom May 2019 Muuto Low Res 16
© Jonas Jacob Svensson

Informal open meeting setting showcasing Muutos Fiber Side Chair in different textile upholsteries for inspiration and a fresh look. Curtains by Kvadrat. All other products by Muuto.

Pb Muuto Hq Press 2019 9265
© Petra Bindel

Solo work spaces / providing flexibility, comfort and a space to focus. All products by Muuto.

Showroom May 2019 Muuto Low Res 15
© Jonas Jacob Svensson

Color and material library / to explore colors, materials, textiles and leathers available for Muuto's products. An open space area for creative workshops or informal meetings. All products by Muuto.

Pb Muuto Hq Press 2019 9446
© Petra Bindel

Library and café / creative spot to gather inspiration, social hub for colleagues and guests to hang out or hold informal meetings. Curtains by Kvadrat. All other products by Muuto.

Pb Muuto Hq Press 2019 9549
© Petra Bindel

Conference room / larger meeting room comprising 14 seats for department meetings, board meetings, etc. All products by Muuto.

Pb Muuto Hq Press 2019 9327
© Petra Bindel

Hot desk / extra work desk for non-Copenhagen-based colleagues. All products by Muuto.

Exploring our new perspectives on the modern workplace through our new 1400 m2 Muuto HQ.

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