Zalando Headquarters

Designed by: HENN
For client: Zalando SE Floor area: 59000.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Large Office of the Year

© HG Esch

Central Atrium with Staircase

About the Project

The plan layout rotates the building grid diagonally to the development plan thus placing the internal courtyards at the outer edges of the plot. This opening creates transitions between office and public space. Further views into and out of the building are ensured by transparent and translucent façades that express the diversity of the company to the world outside. The vertical atrium in the main building opens into a space that extends to the full height of the building. The central lobby is flanked by a bank of steps with seating and lounge areas. The auditorium and the conference and training zones connect to a café and the company restaurant. The spatial organisation of the office with separate zones for work requiring intensive concentration and interaction on the above-ground floors specifically caters for the changing requirements of the employees and offers differentiated use options. Special areas for social interaction are grouped around the atrium. Open stairways shorten the routes between these common areas on individual floors. The work zones can be flexibly reconfigured for changing team sizes. The main areas for project work are located centrally. From there, the working atmosphere of other use areas gradually changes to peaceful concentration and withdrawal zones to suit everyone. “Catwalks” connect the individual neighbourhoods, allowing space for informal meetings and strengthening the multidisciplinary character of the working day at Zalando.

What’s unique about it

With a distinctive design that shows Zalando’s identity in Berlin’s cityscape, HENN won the invited competition for the start up’s headquarters. The building layout embeds itself in the German capital by reinterpreting the typical “Berlin Block” edge. The opening gesture forms a transition between the office and the public space. A combination of translucent and transparent façade panels grants insights into the diversity within the building and outlooks onto the city from each office space, and with that establishes a connection between inside and outside of the building. The vertical atrium in the main building opens itself with a void that stretches across the entire building height, letting daylight flood the space all the way to the ground floor. The central lobby has a staircase with a seating and lounge area adjoining it. This multipurpose space allows for informal and impromptu meetings but can be used for events for different occasions. An auditorium, conference and training zones, as well as a café and canteen connect to it further. The spatial organisation of the offices in the upper floors deliberately aims to provide zones for concentration as well as interaction, and provides users with different options to meet their individual needs due to distinct preferences and tasks.

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Main Entrance

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Vertical Marketplace

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Bird View

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Floorplan Level 01

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Atrium Workplaces

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Zalando Headquarters Outside View

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Floorplan Level 03


Floorplan Level 00



Location of project:
BuroHappold Engineering


Bartenbach LichtLabor

Atelier Loidl

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