The Game of “#”, Ji'an

Designed by: Happystudio
For client: Campack-Tent Ind. Co., LTD Floor area: 2500.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Best Use of Material

© Ethan Lee

Hakka language wall.

About the Project

This case is located at Jinggang Mountains which is the revolutionary base of the Communist Party of China. There are a great deal of visitors and CPC members that gather for training in this area every year. Different from common souvenir shops of most tourist sites, our client hope to incorporate the functions of exhibitions, tourist information, cultural and creative products sell, catering, DIY experience, and training courses to create a new business model.

What’s unique about it

“Bamboo” represents several meanings:
1. The story of “Zhu De’s carrying pole” (made of moso bamboo) in 1928 during the period of “carrying for food” is a well-known story.
2. Jingang bamboo is an important local forestry resource, and it is often used as material for building houses and daily products.
3. Bamboo culture stresses on the spirit of humbleness and determination, has a strong influence on the aesthetics in the Orient.

© Ethan Lee

Main Lobby.

© Ethan Lee

Main entrance.

© Ethan Lee

Using paper tubes to display “HAKKA” culture.

© Ethan Lee

Bamboo pillars are sculptures in space and also define space.

Wei6123 全景 2
© Ethan Lee

Photos on the screen wall come from CPC revolutionary historical, make it become a real “Red” wall.

Wei6239 編輯
© Ethan Lee

Using the local materials ,plants, and using the shape of the mirror to response the theme of "mount

© Ethan Lee

Sunshine, island basin, green wall, blue brick window grille, large bamboo chandelier.

© Ethan Lee

The “#”grid bamboo structure Integration air conditioning, electric, lighting, fire-fighting system.

© Ethan Lee

Bamboo tubes v.s paper tubes.

Location of project:

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