The Beijing Rings Coffee, Beijing

Designed by: Studio A+
For client: Beijing National Aquatics Center Ltd. Floor area: 1329.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Best Use of Colour

1 The Hall Of Water Coffee And Dining
© Su Chen

The Hall of WATER-coffee and dining.

About the Project

The National Aquatics Center will turn from ‘Watercube’ to ‘Icecube’ by being transformed from a swimming venue to a curling venue for The 2022 Winter Olympics.

There are two main spaces in the coffee shop, the Water Hall and the Ice Hall. The former is interpreted with refracted light and color from rainbow, with water drops and stars. This hall serves people coffee or snacks. There are service bar counter, a series of colorful semi-enclosed box areas, two lounge areas for big groups, a children’s play area, and an exhibition area. The space adopts fashionably designed furniture with matching colors to each area. People can reserve seats by simply naming the ‘color code’ of the area.

The Ice Hall is a world of ice and snow, with the pure colors of icy blue and frosted white. It contains a conference hall, a lecture hall, and a media interview area. The color choice of furniture highlights the ice theme, and the tailor-made platform itself looks as a pure ice sculpture.

A corridor connects the Water Hall and the Ice Hall. There are five rooms used for more private talks and meetings along the way. Each room is named under its respective theme color.

What’s unique about it

The most delicate qualities of ice and water are their light and color. In combination with the function of coffee, dining, lecture, conference, etc., warm gray from walls, floors, to ceilings constitutes the neutral color backdrop of the space, while a large set of ice and water themed installation are superimposed onto it to subdivide or reshape the spaces. The architectural concept is based on the micro-structure of a water molecule. The installation is a deformation of it with the help of parametric computing technique and constructed with aluminum frames and transparent colored membrane.

The transparent membrane allows light to penetrate and projects colors onto the adjacent gray walls, renders a lustrous and dreamy effect. The membrane is deliberately fritted in some areas, to achieve a matt finish and to avoid glare directly into people’s eyes.

The installation can fit in the full-height space from floor to ceiling as a special medium; can hang down from the ceiling as the icicle sculptures; can extrude from the floor and become a small camp , where children can sit and play within…… Everyone can find his/ her own spot here, and discover the beauty and joy being with ‘ice’ and ‘water’.

2 The Hall Of Water The Rainbow Color On The Seating Area
© Su Chen

The Hall of WATER-the rainbow color on the seating area.

3 The Hall Of Water With Childrens Area At Front Left And Bar Counter To The Right
© Su Chen

The Hall of WATER with children's area at front left and bar counter to the right.

4 The Hall Of Water The Installation Fits In The Full Height Space From Floor To Ceiling As A Special Medium
© Su Chen

The installation fits in the full-height space from floor to ceiling as a special medium.

5 The Hall Of Ice Conference And Lecture Multifunctional Space
© Su Chen

The Hall of ICE-conference and lecture multifunctional space.

6 The Hall Of Ice Lecture Hall With The Retractable Partition Wall To The Left
© Su Chen

The Hall of ICE-lecture hall with the retractable partition wall to the left.

7 The Hall Of Ice The Installation Hangs Down From The Ceiling As The Icicle Sculptures Distinctive And Simple Colors Lighting And Furnishings All Revolve Around The Concept
© Su Chen

The Hall of ICE-the installation hangs down from the ceiling as the icicle sculptures.

8 The Beijing Rings Corridor With The Five Colored Meeting Rooms To The Right
© Su Chen

The Beijing Rings corridor with the five colored meeting rooms to the right.

9 The Green Ring Meeting Room
© Su Chen

The Green Ring meeting room.

10 Parametric Computing Design Process
© Studio A+

Parametric computing design process.

Beijing Uni-Construction Group

SIGN Lighting

Xingong Yao (Mechanical consultant)

Tao Long, Xiaohang Lin, Shan Xiao

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