WERK, Bangkok

Designed by: HYPOTHESIS
For client: Kan Sombatsiri Floor area: 18.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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5.95 Function
5.95 Innovation
6.11 Creativity
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About the Project

Bangkok is a city with highest traffic jam top of the world, meetings or businesses have lost time due to traffic throughout the day, the BTS (sky train) and MRT(underground) are just a few ways to shorten the time.

In the last few years, co-working space has grown so much to accommodate today's changing workplace.

From this issues and channels, Werk project was born from a start-up group in the age of 20-26-year-olds who wanted to create an office space. In a new way that responds to the above problems and future business channels. Werk has chosen a station that has not been used to its maximum benefit. Hypothesis was assigned by the Werk to design the office that never happened before
on the platform of BTS sky train station.

There are quite a few restrictions on the BTS platform, Hence the design must be based on the idea of the product design. Assembly of structural components has only 3 hours per day, and can be used during the station is closed, therefore all components must be provided and disassembled, consisting of a timer for assembly.

In most of the areas of Werk office be part of such elements, information center, working area, meeting room, pantry area and recreation space, from the former BTS station platform. Thus, becoming the circulation and office space in a new form of Werk.

What’s unique about it

We started off by questioning the existing office buildings. What does it do right now? Is it necessary for office to be in the cluster of big buildings? Do we need to be trapped in the subway for hours in order for us be at the office on time?
In an overpopulated city such as Bangkok, Hongkong or New York, morning commute can be an awful headache. Most office workers spend more than half of their working hours on a morning train. Therefore, our proposal can be a potential solution for the office life dilemma. By attach the work space to nodes of public transportations, offices are no longer packed in the city central, but instead they spread out through transportation network. This might result in a significant paradigm shift in perception of future office life.

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