Gerechtsgebouw Breda (Breda Court of Justice)

Designed by: Sevil Peach Architecture+Design & Hootsmans Architectuurbureau
For client: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf Floor area: 33000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Governmental Interior of the Year

Public Score
4.57 Function
4.23 Innovation
4.19 Creativity
2 1805 Breda Courthouse Gilbert Mc Carragher 090
© Gilbert McCarragher

About the Project

For the New Breda Court of Justice complex, designed in collaboration with Hootsmans Architectuurbureau, we set out to create a welcoming, friendly and timeless environment without detracting from the authoritative nature of the courthouse. A carefully considered stacking and interior layout creates human environments with enhanced visual and physical connections throughout, and a spatial sequencing that provides clarity to the circulation. Large voids with connecting staircases encourage a natural, vertical migration of users throughout the floors of this tall building. The use of a calming palette of colours, bespoke timber joinery and a careful selection of furniture pieces together enhance the visual appearance of the spaces. A strong emphasis has been given to creating human environments. The public areas and courtrooms occupy the lowest floors of the complex. The Courtrooms, with their oak framed glass partitions and oak joinery elements, use colour within the furniture upholstery and acoustic curtains to give each room its own identity, whilst connecting with the surrounding waiting areas and the landscape beyond. This Colour Palette theme of natural pastel tones is then applied throughout the large building to provide a consistent visual link between the floors and maintain a sense of familiarity for the users as they move around.

What’s unique about it

Commissioned by Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, the InBalans consortium was awarded the Public Private Partnership contract to Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate the Courthouse for 30 years. The intent with this contract form is for all disciplines involved in the project to be in close dialogue, working together to realise a better quality building that will stand the test of time. We were appointed Interior Architect & Interior Designers to InBalans. Due to the nature of the contract, we had to ensure that the project delivered a flexible and timeless environment that doesn’t respond to aesthetic fashions or trends, and will look and feel as good in 30 years as it does now. In addition, conscious choices have been made in the context of sustainability and the life cycle of applied products, building in quality early on to reduce the need for constant replacement and therefore waste. Everything was considered carefully to ensure the project adequately supported the Judicial Organisations business needs, whilst providing an inspiring, understated and quality environment that enhances the daily lives and well being of the users for years to come. From a careful configuration of the base building, right through to the considered incorporation joinery and furniture, the use of textile, materiality, colour and light and everything else in between, we believe this project is exemplary of a human centric courthouse, with a holistic approach to design and architecture.

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Location of project:
Sevil Peach Architecture & Design

Hootsmans Architectuurbureau

Maarten Jamin Interieur Architectuur

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