6xN Yard, Shanghai

Designed by: Wutopia Lab
For client: Zoina Land Floor area: 216.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Set Design of the Year

6X N Yard Photo By Creat Ar 9
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About the Project

Zoina Land asked us to do a set design of 6xN Yard in three days, with the final product available for only one day. We decided to use an art installation approach to create a surreal representation of our idea. They required us to jump out of the mold for our design. Since the second floor can no longer permit visitors, we decided to place the second floor on the ceiling so visitors, when the look up, may easily see the design of the second floor. The plane inverted on the ceiling is a mirror image of the design. This way visitors on a single level may experience the change of space between two floors on a single plane thus creating a new surreal experience of reality. With semitransparent material enclosing the interior, it allows for the interaction of light and shadow that obscures the limited volume of the internal space.

The mountain landscape is retained as the visual symbol of the architecture. We used black, grey, and white polycarbonate boards to create this seemingly ink painted landscape façade of 6xN Yard. Each piece of the faced is suspended in order to seem like it floats in space.

What’s unique about it

6xN Yard serves as a set design for the fashion show at the launch event of Zoina Land with a theme of healthy living. The theme concerning the lack of a sense of community as a result of today’s rapid housing project development in China. We aimed for the interactions between residents and revival of a more romantic sense of community. 6xN Yard explores the need of contemporary Chinese residents and grants possibilities for re-assembly through a flexible modular design. The flexibility of the functions of spaces allude to the free interaction of the resident in the community — backstage being a multi-purpose neighborhood center can serve as the preparation area for models and also a venue for after party. Through emerging neighborhood center and commercial spaces, it reinforces the idea of healthy living that our client wanted to advocate. Despite an aim in promoting interactions, we created a sense of surreality in the neighborhood center by making the ceiling completely reflective and the furniture and floor being black and white for contrast. The background of the stage, also acting as a part of the façade for neighborhood center, adapts elements of mountain landscape from Chinese cultural aesthetics, and evokes a yearning for nature in people.

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