Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium, Tokyo

Designed by: Yukiharu Takematsu + E.P.A
For client: TAIYO KOGYO CORPORATION Floor area: 1713.77 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Social Award

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3.75 Function
3.81 Innovation
3.75 Creativity
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paralympia's training scenery.

About the Project

The Center will have Taiyo Kogyo Company as its entrepreneur and Mr. Dai TAMESUE as its director. Activities here will include: upbringing of young athletes at a school for running; a research and development base for Mr. Ken ENDO who is engineer of prosthetic leg; and reinforcement training of top athletes with disabilities. Furthermore, SLOW LABEL that is led by the creative director Yoshie KURISU will be also based here to develop activities and research of bodily expressions by both people with and without disabilities, making use of their respective characteristics.

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd., who has been promoting disabled sports, supported the construction of the Center by purchasing its naming rights.

The Center was named the Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium.

What’s unique about it

The plan had to meet the following conditions and requests: all weather types, ability to measure official records, and to hold official tournaments, etc.
Therefore a track of 6 lanes of 60 meters was required. From the early stage we assumed that the building would be a tunnel-like long shape. It finally has developed into a sort of tunnel of 108 meters long with a radius of 8.1 meters.Yukiharu Takematsu+E.P.A. who were in charge of the design had been conducting airframe studies since 2005 and the plan was based on these studies. The adoption of ETFE was decided at the initial stage. For the frame supporting the outer skin, we attempted to adopt a wooden structure from the viewpoint of environmental consideration.

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approach to the running track.

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Timber frames assembled in a short time.

G1 A8901
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running track is same material used on the Rio Olympic athletics venue.

G1 A8820
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Hybrid structure composed of two type of members.

G1 A9948
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ETFE film into a two-layer structure, sends air into it.

G1 A9884
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There is 60m running track in this facility.

G1 A0062
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night time view , 108m long facade.

G1 A0020
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night time view , front and side facade.

G1 A0032
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night time view ,with Tokyo Bay.

This video is released by AGC of ETFE manufacturing company.

Location of project:
Yukiharu Takematsu + E.P.A

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