Preen SS18, London

Designed by: Arthur de Borman
For client: Preen Floor area: 100.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Set Design of the Year

V3 A0477

About the Project

The floral prints and flowing fabric of the clothes jogged an idea I had ages ago. I was inspired by my gran's greenhouse, where you could see plants leaning up against the glass, and some would disappear as they fall back into the mist filled greenhouse. It was again I saw this in New York corner shops with flowers pushing against the plastic, protecting them from the elements. We had to design a set that could be installed within the eight hours we were allocated. Flora Starkey helped and installed the flowers to complete the set.

What’s unique about it

It set a beautiful backdrop for the clothes that had never been done before. We recycled all sheeting needed to make the set and most of the timber. It fulfilled the criteria needed for the fashion show, budget, time restrictions etc, but overall created a striking, simple set that matched the delicateness of the collection.

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Location of project:
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