PLAY, Paris

Designed by: Alexander Ekman
For client: The Paris Opera. Floor area: 300.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Set Design of the Year

Public Score
3.62 Function
3.49 Innovation
3.71 Creativity
Ann Ray Play Ekman 5665
© Ann Ray.

The Ball rain Act 1.

About the Project

An innovative and grand performance from the imaginative choreographer Alexander Ekman, from the enchanting Garnier in Paris. In a rain of green balls, with horny twigs and, in line with the imaginative music of Swedish Mikael Karlsson, dancers play on their toe and float in the air. From 2018.

What’s unique about it

It is important to draw attention to this rare art form.
Play is an inventive new look on what dance can be.

I always aim to create new worlds... worlds we have never seen before.
When we experience a new world like this we get filled with hope and lust and the inspiration to create.

I simply want to draw attention to this work so more people can experience it.

Ann Ray Play Ekman 7683
© Ann Ray.

Act 2 - PLAY.

Trailer of Play.

Location of project:
Alexander Ekman for the paris Opera.

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