GSK Asia House, Singapore

Designed by: HASSELL
For client: GlaxoSmithKline Floor area: 15000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Large Office of the Year

Hassell Gsk Wifigarden
© Nicole England

Wi-Fi enabled gardens mean employees can ever work outside, enjoying the benefits of sun, fresh air and the connection with nature.

About the Project

GSK wanted its new Asia Headquarters to be a beacon for health and research in the region, a place that reflects a culture built on knowledge, learning and innovation. As the design architect, landscape architect and interior designer, HASSELL took a holistic approach and viewed the project from the ‘inside out’, looking closely at what inspires and engages GSK’s people. The result is an agile, open and multi-layered campus that brings the aspirations of GSK’s people to life around them.
Central to the design concept and process were GSK’s Smart Working principles, which formed the basis for envisioning a healthy, stimulating environment. These principles guided HASSELL in bringing together the overall design vision which anticipates how new ways of working in Singapore will evolve over time.
HASSELL designed a workplace that enables cross-functional collaboration across GSK’s business lines – to break down barriers and enable quicker, more effective ways of working – creating a horseshoe-shaped flexible arrangement around a central atrium that sets the core to one side, so people can connect horizontally or vertically with one another.

What’s unique about it

GSK Asia House is the embodiment of a forward thinking approach to workplace, an evolution of GSK’s work practices from a static, disconnected office to a dynamic, engaging campus. This innovative approach to workplace brought previously dispersed business units together and created a high performance environment.
HASSELL facilitated co-creation workshops with multiple stakeholder groups, using the ideas from this highly engaging process to form the basis of the design for a bespoke workplace that truly responds to the needs of the people who inhabit it.
GSK is an agile, open, multilayered campus that encourages connection and collaboration. It features over 15 different types of workings environments including Wi-Fi enabled landscape settings, supporting employees in the way they want to work. High mobility across the entire workplace provides staff with the flexibility to connect with each other and share knowledge.
Staff health and wellbeing is central to the design. A feature stair linking all the floors connects takes the place of the lifts, now relegated to the rear of the floor plate. The stair, combined with the horse-shaped design of the workplace, creates an open, transparent environment. There is also a café serving healthy fare, outdoor yoga facilities, and a fitness studio.
GSK Asia House is a centre for learning and connection. The ground floor is accessible to the public and available to other organisations for workshops, seminars or training.

Hassell Gsk Altworkspace
© Peter Bennetts

For staff wanting a break from their workstation, or an inspiring outlook, the many alternative settings provide sought-after respite. Flexible working options were key to the design of this workplace.

Hassell Gsk Workfloor
© Peter Bennetts

Open workfloors foster connection to each other and to the surrounding community. Light filled spaces and plants provide energy and wellbeing.

Hassell Gsk Collab
© Nicole England

Dotted around the interior are various collaboration settings allowing employees the flexibility and mobility to work anywhere within the workplace.

Hassell Gsk Horseshoeatrium
© Nicole England

Light floods into the interior through the climate-responsive, petal-like structure of the building.

Hassell Gsk Viewtofacade
© Peter Bennetts

Over 15 types of work settings, both internal and external, provide staff with flexibility and choice. Wellness is enhanced through the use of lush greenery within the workplace, and transparency provides a feeling of connection to place.

Hassell Gsk Stairview
© Nicole England

The winding internal stair which connects every floor of GSK is not only a convenient and healthy way to move between floors but also a place for chance encounters.

Hassell Gsk Stairbridge
© Nicole England

Bridges and stairs connect GSK employees to each other, fostering movement and flow, providing many opportunities to interact.

Hassell Gsk Atrium
© Peter Bennetts

The ground floor is open to the public making GSK Asia House a community centred environment. Transparency across the atrium helps staff feel connected.

Hassell Gsk Connectingstair
© Peter Bennetts

The connecting stair takes pride of place within the atrium of GSK replacing the lifts as the main mode of transiting between floors, increasing the health and well being of staff.

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