LEGO® House - Home of the Brick, Billund

Designed by: Kiss the Frog and LEGO® House
For client: The LEGO Group (TLG) Floor area: 12000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
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7.23 Function
6.89 Innovation
7.11 Creativity
04 Lego House Robo Lab 01

In Robo Lab fifteen pairs of visitors collaborate in one giant projected game world.

About the Project

LEGO® House is a newly opened interactive experience centre located in Billund, Denmark. The mission with the house is to inspire and develop LEGO® fans of all ages to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future - experiencing the endless human possibility framed in exceptional architecture and interior design topped with unique digital experiences.

The digital interactions embody the LEGO Group’s ‘Learning Through Play’ philosophy and are co-designed and developed by Dutch creative technology agency Kiss the Frog and were completed in close collaboration with LEGO designers over a period of three years.

The play-experiences display a perfect marriage between intuitive front design and smart back-end solutions. Kiss the Frog contributed in translating the LEGO brand to the experiences by developing the multimedia and animation design style guides.

Kiss the Frog developed digital solutions for:
• Digital wristband ticketing
• Story Lab: A stop-motion-studio, where visitors learn how to make a movie in 20 minute sessions.
• Robo Lab: Visitors navigate LEGO MindstormsⓇ robots on an arctic landscape to save frozen LEGO minifigures and help to defrost prehistoric mammoths.
• City Architect: Encourage guests to plan and build giant cities, magically brought to live with interactive technology.
• History Collection: Browse through a digital vault to see all of the sets ever made and save your own collection.

What’s unique about it

LEGO® House sets a unique industry standard for experience centres. The digital technology is designed to go seamlessly hand in hand with the physical play and incorporates the story of the main hero: The LEGO brick.

Kiss the Frog carefully co-designed and developed the interactive experiences in an iterative process and extensively tested with kids and parents. The team aimed for the balance in developing quick prototypes and still provided software that was innovative, fun and great looking.

The guest visit is enhanced by a ‘digital layer’ that compliments the experience journey. As the guest moves through the experiences, a customised RFID wristband allows them to interact with digital touchpoints that will assist them in capturing their LEGO House creations. A supporting app allows guests to relive their experiences back home and to share them with relatives.

The LEGO Group is known for thinking ‘outside of the brick’, which made Kiss the Frog a perfect partner in the process of developing future proof one-of-a-kind experiences for the LEGO House. Examples of innovative technologies are integrations with colour-detecting cameras in City Architect and the use of LEGO Mindstorms robots in combination with motion tracking technology in Robo Lab.

LEGO House promises a refreshing new perspective on a ‘family-day-out’ encapsulated by the company spirit of ‘only the best is good enough'. A mantra Kiss the Frog further internalised over the journey of the project.

06 Lego House Robo Lab 03

The multiplayer game, combines LEGO MindstormsⓇ technology with motion tracking and projection.

05 Lego House Robo Lab 02

Visitors learn to control a Mindstorms robot with a scratch-like programming interface.

07 Lego House Digital Play

There are capture stations throughout the LEGO House where visitors can digitise their creations.

08 Lego House City Architect 02

City Architect is highly connected. The table has 1200 spots where visitors can place a building.

09 Lego House City Architect 01

All spots are monitored by a multi camera vision system that does the colour recognition.

10 Lego House From Above

The 12,000-square metre house is ready to give LEGO fans the ultimate LEGO experience.

03 Lego House Wristband And Scanning

All LEGO House creations can be saved to the wristband and revisited with the supporting LEGO app.

02 Lego House Story Lab 02

After completing the film is automatically produced as a movie with official personalised titles.

01 Lego House Story Lab 01

In Story Lab visitors produce their movie in a great LEGO diorama with different props.

Kiss the Frog worked closely with LEGO House over a period of three years.

Location of project:
Kiss the Frog

LEGO® House

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