Down Jacket Exhibition, Tokyo

Designed by: Rikako Nagashima
For client: DESCENTE JAPAN LTD. Floor area: 92.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Sustainability Award

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© Kenta Hasegawa

About the Project

We designed an exhibition space for the 10th anniversary of the down jackets produced by DESCENTE, one of the leading sportswear brands in Japan.
Considering that it was a one-day exhibition, we felt that we shouldn’t produce a large amount of materials that would then become waste. Instead, we conceived the idea of using only recycled materials as a constraint for our design by asking the down jacket factory to save all waste generated from the manufacturing process to incorporate it into the space.
The exhibition took place in the DESCENTE BLANC Daikanyama store designed by Schemata Architects. The interior is characterized by a combination of movable steel pipe racks hung inside the large vertical space, allowing for multiple variations of merchandise displays and storage. We used the pipe racks to hang scrap fabric arranged in a formal pattern, in order to compartmentalize the information as well as visualize the space.
There were two variations of the waste fabric: one was shortly cut pieces of rolled fabric and the other was the thin strips produced when cutting rolled fabric along the pattern.
The short rolled fabric was connected to create strips of equal length using the thermo-compression bonding method used in the manufacturing of the down jackets, which were then hung from the pipe racks to form a cube-like floating object. The thin strips were stuffed into the latticed steel racks designed by Schemata Architects, which formed the exhibition display tables.

What’s unique about it

While there are various forms of design that need to exist in the world, as part of our practice, we often think about how much awareness we should have towards the environmental burden that our work produces.
It’s easy to be allured by the novelty of creating something new by using and producing new materials, but we also think that part of our role is to show businesses and companies that it’s possible to pursue new and creative solutions to problems while also utilizing and reconsidering old materials.
With this exhibition, we employed the often discarded scrap fabric of the manufacturing process to create the spatial and information design. Visitors were able to physically interact with and walk along the 10 year history of the down jacket, as well as gain an appreciation for the manufacturing process by watching the projected footage. The space itself reinforces the brand’s function-first approach to manufacturing by minimizing decorative elements.
By utilizing the waste fabric as an integral part of the design, we believe we were able to achieve and emphasize the purpose of the event. We think that if designers are able to turn their attention to reducing waste and reusing existing materials, they may also affect the consciousness of their clients, thereby potentially affecting the awareness of the community and world.

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The space for Mizusawa Down Jacket 10 years archives

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A short film showing the process from "introduction" to "inspection & shipping" was projected onto a screen made of leftover fabric. The soundtrack, which combined sounds of cutting fabric, pressing fabric, and packaging products, was created to resonate

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The space for 2018 FW Collection & Mizusawa Down Jacket 10th Anniversary Model

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