Designed by: waa未觉建筑
For client: AnyShopStyle Floor area: 710.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

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About the Project

Located in Beijing- the Chinese capital city is reportedly home to more than 10,000 independent fashion designers, all vying for brand exposure. Priced out of the traditional market-a 2014 report indicated that Beijing's shopping-center retail rents are the most expensive of any Asian city also growing at an unprecedented rate-the next generation needed an alternative bricks-and-mortar model.
WeMarket, the initiative is the second stage of a business strategy developed by AnyShopStyle, which promotes up-and-coming designers in China. From the 300 fashion designers that feature in AnyShopStyle's 21 stores, the brand picked a select group to join WeMarket, which provides the only feasible solution for young designers who want to “own" their own store, co-sharing allows them to minimize individual risks while maximizing their reach, WeMarket is the place for the designers to see others and be seen by others.
Fashion by nature is the need to stand out in a crowd, a community which thrives on exclusivity. However like-minded practitioners always need to interact as traditional clusters of similar functions. Inspiration from developing co-shares from existing communities, specifically to the term of “market”, it is an idea that has been so diluted by the current prevailing retail environment. The market is the best form of shopping, it gave an indication of a co-share identity as close to a democratic model as exists.

What’s unique about it

The client’s brief gave more questions than answers:
1. An Unknown number of designers.
2. An Unknown Duration of Display.
3. An Unknown Rental Requirements.
Our idea pinpointed the need for movement and adapting to new movements in future clusters of designers. The nature of this business model needs a fluid system of re-generation where
fixed locations where not an option. ’ A few months of R&D resulted in a bespoke system of movable stainless-steel racks that incorporate lighting. Members can opt for a minimum of three mobile frames, in addition to four plinth and an LED sign, all
within a 1.8-x-2.7-m zone. Despite the surrounding environment's intentional neutrality, curtains and other furnishings can be attached to the frames to alter the overall colour scheme. The adaptable system also enables the client to expand WeMarket's open spaces to host events such as fashion shows and exhibitions. All visual identity in the store was designed to allow a permanent state of changing.
Material choices take into consideration the temperate nature of the space with a ready- made or common soured aesthetic with the potential refit only one season away. Along with the paired back structures and material simplicity the sense of a warehouse / commune / traditional market feel is imparted on customers. This buzz associated with a dense trading environment supplemented because of the potential for Ad-hoc / organic planning permutations.

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Resting Area_WeMarket

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Garment Stand_WeMarket

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Accessories Stand_WeMarket

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Fitting Room_WeMarket

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Jewellery Stand_WeMarket

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Main Entrance_WeMarket

video shows the use and composition strategies of the flexible racks as space divider

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