Haidilao Intellectual Hotpot

Designed by: Vermilion Zhou Design Group
For client: Haidilao Floor area: 1700.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Restaurant of the Year

Hdl Intellectual 2
© Yunpu Cai

Dining area with 360 degree projection.

About the Project

Hot pot is one of the typical Chinese cuisines that not only taste good with ingredients blended together, but also represents harmony and reunion. As an international famous catering company, Haidilao has enormous customer group. In order to provide a better service quality, advanced intellectual equipment is implemented in the intellectual flagship, which focuses on solution of hygiene, efficiency and table turnover rate; moreover, dining area provides diverse visual possibilities.

This project’s design concept targets for creating technological experience. Interior layouts are divided into several areas, including the theater-style waiting area, unmanned kitchen, and dining area. Having hot pot needs lots of dishes, drinks, and seasoning on one table. It’s crucial to integrate all these requirements. In this case, we optimized the circulation and modularized booth seating at first. The versatile booth design improves service efficiency and the user experience. The smart restaurant has also brought a lot of new media technology applications. For the service level, automated robots reduce the labor rate of service personnel and improve service efficiency, which improves environment hygiene as well; for the guest experience level, multimedia implements virtual and real scene exchanges, providing a new choice for the dining environment.

Overall, this smart restaurant is a pioneer project to create an interactive experience.

What’s unique about it

According to Haidilao’s demand, designer has to integrate with auto-allocated stock facility and transport systems in kitchen, making those applications look harmonious with the interior space. As a result, a space capsule-like hot pot restaurant was designed due to lots of AI interactive applications required from Haidilao and some different areas fitting sci-fi theme have their features and function.
Stepping into the restaurant, the theater-style waiting area is on the way. Through the mobile app, you can enter the game world and interact with other guests in the waiting room. Before going to the dining area, you can see that Haidilao uses a large number of automated robotic arms and transport systems to replace repetitive movements (such as assorting dishes, portioning hot pot soups, and delivering dishes) with machinery; furthermore, display the process through transparent windows, which also allows consumers to see how the ingredients are dealt with before swallow.
The application of technology is not synonymous with coldness. What we want to convey is a comfortable and innovative space experience. Take advantage of convenient technology to improve service quality; make the dining space open and safe, but not disturbed through design. Under the premise of human service, we use technology to advance the dining experience for consumers and learn more about other sensory possibilities that can be enjoyed while eating.

Hdl Intellectual 5
© Yunpu Cai

Dining booth with huge animated projection surround.

Hdl Intellectual 4
© Yunpu Cai

Dining area with direct task light to each table .

Hdl Intellectual 8
© Yunpu Cai

Waiting theatre hall for gust playing interactive game in the same place.

Hdl Intellectual 10
© Yunpu Cai

Robotic arm for allocation with transparently capsule-like window to exhibit.

Hdl Intellectual 7
© Yunpu Cai

Private room look like space capsule with cold blue light.

Hdl Intellectual 9
© Yunpu Cai

Dish delivered robot

Hdl Intellectual 6
© Yunpu Cai

Multi-functional booth integrates the hotpot, dishes shelf and storage drawer in one table.

Hdl Intellectual 3
© Yunpu Cai

Corridor with guiding light wire.

Hdl Intellectual 1
© Yunpu Cai

Entrance to the restaurant.

Location of project:
Vermilion Zhou Design Group

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