Ecnesse beauty salon

Designed by: Sun Dayong, Wan Shuyan
For client: Ecnesse Floor area: 300.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Health Club of the Year

Penda水仙 02 王府井店 3
© Xia Zhi

Reception of Ecnesse Wangfujing store

About the Project

As a brand of its own tone, Ecnesse focuses on service quality and prefers individualized spaces. To create a sense of belonging and safety for the guests, our design concept was originated from caves, the earliest shelter for human beings. We hope the guests will not merely see the monotonous white square ceilings while lying, but be able to make a few head and neck movements when their sight lines follow the curvy lines in the ceiling. We prefer a continuous curve along the spaces, while each independent space can be deemed as an isolated cave where guests can immerse themselves in some unique spatial experience while enjoying beauty care.
The beauty industry is, almost completely, oriented towards females, and Ecnesse, likewise, serves mostly female guests. For this reason, we choose pink color series for the design of spaces, hoping to break the traditional concept of the monotonous white spaces in beauty shops. With arch design in pink spaces, people would feel less distanced from the space, creating a unique sense of safety and belonging.
We create a sense of rhythm and a little bit mystery with curves, and this is exactly how people feel in the presence of a beauty.
To strengthen continuity within limited spaces of the stores, some of which are inside the shopping mall, mirrors are installed on some walls to enrich the spaces through reflection and facilitate interactions between people and spaces, creating unpredictable spaces just like Escher’s.

What’s unique about it

Before renovation, the interiors of these stores varied greatly as they had been commercial spaces planned for different trade, with fancy designs and poor daylight. In this context, we decided to make the design simple, transparent, bright and cheerful. After renovation, both the client and guests were amazed that the result went far better than the previous expectation without even a trace of the original design left.
Understanding and analysis of guests’ needs is essential for spatial upgrading. Based on successful brand positioning in the past and customer analysis, the architect developed some design principles. The first is to rationally organize spaces and functions, and integrate and interconnect the multi-purpose spaces. For example, the previous open lobby can be incorporated with bar, lounge and nail beauty etc., where guests can learn, rest and relax, and have some new experience more than beauty care services.
Women’s desire for beauty can be interpreted in big picture terms or small details, just like how they select high heels. This means there is no such one-for-all design standard in terms of women’s aesthetic preferences. What matters most is to find out their needs and to provide warm, delicate and somewhat imaginative spaces for them.

Penda水仙 02 王府井店 6
© Xia Zhi

Detial of Ecnesse Wangfujing store

Penda水仙 02 王府井店 2
© Xia Zhi

Lobby of Ecnesse Wangfujing store

Penda水仙 02 王府井店 1
© Xia Zhi

Entrance of Ecnesse Wangfujing store

Penda水仙 01 祥云店 11
© Xia Zhi

Nursing room of Ecnesse Xiangyun store

Penda水仙 01 祥云店 5
© Xia zhi

Lobby of Ecnesse Xiangyun store

Penda水仙 01 祥云店 12
© Xia Zhi

Hall way of Ecnesse Xiangyun store

Penda水仙 01 祥云店 10
© Xia Zhi

Detials of Ecnesse Xiangyun store

Penda水仙 01 祥云店 3
© Xia Zhi

Office of Ecnesse Xiangyun store

Penda水仙 01 祥云店 1
© Xia zhi

entrance of Ecnesse Xiangyun store

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