SPACE10 Redesign

Designed by: Spacon & X
For client: SPACE10 Floor area: 1000.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

Public Score
4.68 Function
4.58 Innovation
4.70 Creativity
Space10 – First Floor – Workspaces – Pink Cubicle – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 21 Low 3
© Hampus Berndtson

New workstations hybridise the cubicle and open plan. These semi-open acoustic ‘cubes’ provide privacy and suggest a barrier to those outside while enabling easy interaction between teammates within.

About the Project

Before our redesign, SPACE10 was among one of the 35% of offices with an open plan, and often fell victim to the common tendencies of distraction, disruption and unwanted exposure that studies have shown are often the side effects of strictly open plan spaces. In collaboration with Spacon & X, SPACE10’s office was redesigned with flexibility, sustainability and community as central to its new identity. The renovated fish factory in Copenhagen’s historic meatpacking district was redesigned to have multiple types of working areas available on demand, from semi-open acoustic ‘cubes’ that encourage interaction between teams, to private chambers insulated and sound proofed with Echojazz wall panels made from recycled PET bottles. Outfitted with adjustable desks, a V/T slot system that can be rearranged and a layout that prioritises natural light and mental health, this space is made to grow with SPACE10, not for SPACE10 to grow out of. SPACE10 also houses a ground floor Gallery, a Meet & Greet and Stage area to engage our community, an open-fabrication Makery, and finally a test kitchen for our future food experiments. The biggest challenge and most fulfilling part of this redesign is that Spacon & X and SPACE10 were able to accommodate all this with as few additional materials as possible, designing with the belief that what can be kept should be kept, instead of taking the option of simply starting from scratch and using the building as a blank canvas.

What’s unique about it

One of the core objectives of our office redesign was not simply soundproofing walls and designing public spaces to host our community, it was to design a series of physical spaces that genuinely enabled good mental health among the people who work there.

A key tenant of mental health in a work space is treating people fairly rather than the same, and everyone, to certain degrees, works a little differently.

Our redesign is both innovative and beneficial because we looked at what makes us happy and healthy at work and built our office up from there, as opposed to designing a space with aesthetics and trends in mind first and requiring people to adapt second.

Space10’s office is now developed with high sensibility towards different zones of transitions, from communal to private and multiple designs in between. The level of flexibility and smart-solutions are completely unique for this design concept, and have completely changed the way people, both employees and members of the community, frequent the space.

SPACE10’s redesign not only prioritises beauty, functionality and sustainability, it re-established people at the center of office design, advocating that we could not claim to have an office space that worked unless the people who work in it are happy and mentally healthy.

Space10 – First Floor – Eat Meet And Read – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 26 Low 3
© Hampus Berndtson

SPACE10's Eat, Meet & Read room, a flexible-use space for large meetings, communal lunches, and individual working sessions.

Space10 – First Floor – Kitchen – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 27 Low 2
© Hampus Berndtson

SPACE10's industrial kitchen where our chef and food designer, Simon Perez, experiments with future food trends and explores more sustainable ways of eating.

Space10 – Ground Floor – Plan Overview – 1 – Illustration By Spacon X

A detailed rendering of the two vastly different spaces that exist on the first and second floor of SPACE10. The ground floor houses our Meet & Greet area, Gallery and Stage, and is comparatively more open than its counterpart on the second floor, an offi

Space10 – Basement – Makery – Wood Workshop – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 16 Low
© Hampus Berndtson

The SPACE10 Makery, complete with working areas for our resident architects, metalworks and artists.

Space10 – Ground Floor – Stage – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 7 Low 1
© Hampus Berndtson

An event space that, thanks to flexible panels, can expand and contract to allow for easy flow and event hosting.

Space10 – Ground Floor – Test Kitchen – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 3 Low
© Hampus Berndtson

Our Meet & Greet area, a space dedicated to hosting our community.

Space10 – Ground Floor – Gallery – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 6 Low 2
© Hampus Berndtson

The SPACE10 Gallery space on its ground floor, where our latest projects are exhibited and where we open our doors to the greater community.

Space10 – First Floor – Pods And Fastlane – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 22 Low 3
© Hampus Berndtson

The SPACE10 redesign allows for semi-open team cubes (left) to sit side by side with sound proofed pods (right) that act as employee cocoons, providing a small sanctuary for anything from a Skype call to an intensive working session.

Hero Image 4 – First Floor – View From Staircase – Web – Photo By Hampus Berndtson – 24 Low 2
© Hampus Berndtson

Space10 & Spacon & X teamed up to create a "new typology" of office design. The design needed to forefront wellbeing and productivity, as well as accommodating its growing workforce.

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Spacon & X

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