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YourStudio are original experience creators working from their London and Melbourne studios. Specialising in strategy and creativity, they work with global brands strategically to define and create experiences that align with the ever-changing desires of today’s consumers. Their clients are in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia and Asia. YourStudio have achieved international acclaim with projects such as the Topshop Splash! campaign installation which won a Frame Award for Best Global Window, Creative Review Award, VMSD, Campaign Tech Award, Creative Retail Award, German Design Award and Drum Marketing Awards and our project for Birchbox’s first standalone store in the UK. The studio's concept for Virgin Holiday’s new flagship concept, the ‘v-room' has created record-breaking results for the company and has lead to a UK rollout as well as a successful new partnership for Virgin Holidays with their latest holiday boutiques within Next stores across the UK. The studio has made a name for itself working to pioneer ground-breaking customer experience that mix the physical and digital, and current projects include the novel ‘Dove Hotel’ in Shanghai China, where guests are immersed in landscapes of storytelling, participation and wonder.

Why they’ve been nominated

In the past year, YourStudio have built their team and reputation and have been lucky to work with some incredible new clients, as well as having a humbling but proud award-winning year, starting with the Frame Awards in February 2018. They started their business with a vision to match creativity with insight whilst building a place to work where people feel thrilled, challenged and inspired by what they do. They have focused to bring this to fruition in the past twelve months more than ever before. They have successfully delivered projects that marry physical and digital experiences perfectly and have pushed and challenged the studio, creating world-first design projects that have raised the bar for brands and experience design globally. Their Topshop Splash! project was a first and has received close to 10 million media impressions to date as well as multiple awards, starting with Frame. Since then they have created unique concepts for Tommy Hilfiger, Converse + Sneakerstuff, J.W Anderson, Dove Galaxy, Cunard and many other high stature brands. YourStudio is also launching YS Makers, a new initiative actively pushing sustainable design and new recycled materials. They collaborated with PlasticScene, Friends of the Earth, Ma-tt-er, to present at London Design Festival this summer to share the insights in sustainability. They are committed to using their role as designers to actively make positive change to the world.

Pandora Shine

PANDORA partnered with experience design agency YourStudio to create a engaging multi-sensory retail store to launch their new collection PANDORA Shine. Using inspiration from the iconic bee charm, at the centre of the collection, YourStudio conceptualised a five meter high golden beehive that brought the collection’s story to life in every sense for visitors at Australia’s Pitt Street Mall in Sydney. Customer’s were taken on a fully-immersive journey, starting with a golden meadow, with giant flowers with stamens which emitted scent, drawing visitors to inspect the charms showcased within. The hive structure provided multiple reflections whilst also housing a journey of scents, sounds and products, all housed within its golden geodesic structure. ‘Humming Hubs’ gave customers the chance to hear the sounds from within a real beehive, married with scent and LED light panels that mimicked the movement of bees throughout the space. The PANDORA Shine collection was housed in the scent-infused gold-plated flowers and custom glass cases. True to nature, customers were attracted to the hive bees are to pollen; guided by scents from the meadow to the sounds within. The finishing touch; customers were treated to edible gold ice cream which was presented to them on exiting the experience to keep the magic alive as they left.

Info: Retail
Location: Sydney Australia
Photographer: Paul McMillin photographer.

Pandora Pitt St Mall Paul Mc Millan 180323 030
Pandora Pitt St Mall Paul Mc Millan 180323 029
Pandora Pitt St Mall Paul Mc Millan 180323 039
Pandora Pitt St Mall Paul Mc Millan 180323 023

Topshop Splash!

Topshop Splash! - is a ground-breaking in-store extended reality experience. As the first major high street retailer to use new technology in its flagship store window in Oxford St, the installation took guests on a real and physical waterslide ride around the store and out above the London skyline and onto a dream tropical island getaway. With coconut & sunscreen scents infused around the store and the sounds of seagulls and running water, you’re whisked back to your childhood summers sat at the top of the slide, heart racing, waiting in anticipation to plummet into the unknown. Topshop asked us how to launch their new summer swimwear range in an exciting, creative and unique way. YourStudio imagined a snaking a full size waterslide flowing around the store above head height, leading from the window down into the basement swimwear department. We created ultra-realistic water effects used LEDs and VR to bring to life the experience; actual pieces of waterslide snaked through the store and the VR experience was placed the top of the slide within the swimming pool in the window of the store. Bathing customers in this summer experience not only captured attention but gave people an evocative feeling of summer which increased sales and footfall to the swimwear department.

Info: London, UK
Photographer: Topshop's own photographer.

Splash At Topshop 4
Splash At Topshop 10
Splash At Topshop 2

Virgin Holidays

Globally recognised travel brand Virgin Holidays wanted a new concept to launch the first of a new v-room concept for a store in Cardiff, Wales. The brief; to create a more experiential travel retail environment that connects with today’s consumer while being true to their brand. YourStudio created a space for customers to feel ‘holiday ready’. A champagne bar at the heart of the entrance welcomes guests at the beginning of their experience which draws inspiration from hospitality and the world’s best airline lounges. The Virgin Holidays VR Rollercoaster invites customers to jump on board to explore an exhilarating ride of travelling around the world; whizzing customers around the poetic golden plains of an African safari and even up to space! In the back of the store is a full-size mock-up of a Virgin Atlantic cabin from Virgin’s air fleet; designed to be part of the customer journey for instagram and create fun selfie moments. With an appealing ambience of laid-back luxury, this store is performing exceptionally breaking history by achieving the most holidays booked in any 1 day (1,200 passengers) and the store is performing +28%.

Info: Cardiff, Wales
Photographer: Paul Tait

20171220 J Tye Your Studio Virgin 6482
20171220 J Tye Your Studio Virgin 6185
20171220 J Tye Your Studio Virgin 6290


Originally from New Zealand, skin and appearance brand Skinsmiths, have started their expansion across Europe, employing YourStudio to define how their customer experience works and what their new store environments look like. Helping their customers look and feel great worldwide, the brief to YourStudio was to create a unique and distinguishable presence that Skinsmiths can call their own, brining a feeling of quality and reassurance to what can traditionally be approached in quite a clinical and sterile way. YourStudio have created an environment that plays on soft tones and carefully crafted textures to not only set customers minds at ease but to convey a sense of care and quality around aesthetics. The spaces have been designed to convey the brand’s mission to empower customers to look and feel great. Jackie Smith, Founder of Skinsmiths said "We’ve loved collaborating with YourStudio to create the first Skinsmiths clinics in the UK. We were looking to design a space that was welcoming and inclusive in an industry that is renowned for being exclusive and slightly intimidating. Our goal is to make healthy skin more accessible to everyday women, and the space needs to reflect that. We’re thrilled with the outcome.” The first of the stores have opened this Summer with more to come in the Autumn and new year.

Info: London UK
Photographer: Nicholas Worley

Your Studio Skinsmiths 12 © Nicholas Worley
Your Studio Skinsmiths 1 © Nicholas Worley


Wonder, a London-based event company, have an agile and creative energy so we created a design concept around the phrase “Constantly Connected” for the new workspace YourStudio have recently designed for them in London, UK. The space enables creative working, agility and concentration, encouraging conversations in collaborative zones whilst giving a restrained and mature environment around working areas. The whose space has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, supporting this lively agency’s day to day flexible working routine, production and meetings all taking place under the same roof. YourStudio created a multifunctional creative hub at the heart of the floorpan with soft and comfortable breakout areas, a sociable open kitchen pantry and quiet acoustic meeting rooms. The reception introduces Wonder’s clients and team in with an industrial black perforated metal screen with honest detailing, giving a full diagonal view across the workspace whilst protecting the privacy of the team. High benches are positioned between teams to all for sociable informal team workshops and a flexible semi-secluded seating area acts as the perfect foyer whilst also giving additional room for informal meetings and company get-togethers. A clean and refined industrial material palette flows through the space, from concrete finishes on the kitchen cabinetry to custom metal grid shelving and display. Cork and felt are used throughout to maximise presentation space, allow the staff to express themselves throughout the interior as well as muffling sound and aiding concentration.

2017 09 28 Wonder Ys 031
2017 09 28 Wonder Ys 011

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