Denizen Bushwick, New York

Designed by: ODA New York
For client: All Year Management Floor area: 92900.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Social Award

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Game Room

About the Project

Denizen is an all-inclusive rental development with 1,000,000 square feet of residential units, an array of publicly accessible communal spaces, and interconnected courtyards, all of which create a superimposed layout of woven streets in a typical old town core. Sensitive to the impact that a massive two-block development such as this one could have on the neighborhood, the architectural vision focused on uniting public and private spaces to create opportunities for exploration by residents, guests, and locals.

What’s unique about it

Honoring local artistry is a recurring theme throughout Denizen, best characterized by the seven-story murals showcased on the walls of the glass-sided corridors, each created by a different Brooklyn artist. The scale of the artwork aligns with the scale of the development, unifying a neighborhood rooted in art, community, and expression with modern design and dynamic amenities. All murals are visible from the site’s multiple courtyards, five of which can be seen from the various public parks — a strategic design decision meant to enliven and engage the local community. Similarly, various courtyards are accessible to the public during daytime hours, tethering the neighborhood to this building so that the structures feels like a native, not an interloper. The different public and private pathways foster individual moments of surprise and delight that, when combined, tell a robust, complete story — about the building, about the neighborhood, and about what it means to be part of the urban fabric.

Programming at the separate buildings, Denizen X and Denizen Y, are designed for the mind and body, respectively, with the goal of sharing a holistic interpretation of the two-building block with a diverse range of activity-based experiences. The result is a work-life-play hybrid development that celebrates leisure, discovery, and community integration.

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Denizen Bushwick Exterior

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Urban rooftop farm

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Roof Terrace

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Mural detail in corridors

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Courtyard with mural

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Courtyard with mural

Location of project:
ODA New York

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