MTV Europe Music Awards 2017, London

Designed by: Julio Himede Design
For client: MTV International Floor area: 1800.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Set Design of the Year

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6.62 Function
6.56 Innovation
6.61 Creativity
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Clean Bandit performance on stage two with hydraulic raised

About the Project

The annual MTV Europe Music Awards constantly push boundaries by creating original set designs that celebrate music via art and technology. The 2017 set was no different, focusing on the concept of Pandora’s Box and an ever-changing environment. Taking over the floor of Wembley Arena, an expansive digital landscape of LED technology and hydraulics was built 5 meters above ground and overhead, allowing for constant set transformation throughout the 2-hour and 13 performance ceremony.

What’s unique about it

The 2017 set was incredibly unique for an awards ceremony and very ambitious for the venue. Space was maximized to its limit by turning the entire arena floor into the show stage and raising it by 5 meters to create an underground ‘backstage’ that allowed talent to enter via a hydraulic in multiple areas.

The stage design included a mix of technology, starting with 19 hydraulic lifts that were evenly distributed across stage for theatrical reveals and performance moments. One such lift allowed talent to enter midair through a trap door in the back-video wall.

In addition, the floor was covered with video tiles and light strips that allowed for exciting content to transform the set. The show identity was inspired by London urban and youth culture and provided a balanced contrast to the sophisticated & modern design.

Overhead hanging panels were also clad in video tiles and light strips to help ground the design and connect the set. All overhead pieces were designed on a kinetic system, so while the set looked expansive, panels of technology were lowered and angled overhead to create intimate performance environments.

Sunken mosh pits were also integrated in multiple areas across stage, allowing the audience to surround performers and provide a high energy, yet intimate feel.

The vast stage floor extended over 60 meters long and 28 meters wide, allowing for 6 performance areas and up to 3 back to back. Typically award shows have a capacity of 2 – 3 areas.

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Camila Cabello Performance

Liam Payne Ema V3

Liam Payne performance with overhead video panels lowered on a sharp angle

Unknown 2
© Julio Himede Design

Overview of stage design

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Award presentation via hidden door and hydraulic by back video wall

© Julio Himede Design

Side view of set with side hydraulics raised and performance on stage one

© Julio Himede Design

Overview of set with side hydraulics raised

Stormzy performance utilizing entire stage and multiple hydraulics

Location of project:
Julio Himede Design

Hamish Hamilton

Incandescent Design

Crucial Design

MTV International


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