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About the Designer

Esrawe Studio is a cross-disciplinary design atelier established in 2003 and located in Mexico City. They are a multidisciplinary studio, through their methodology they developed different scale and typology projects. Their projects vary from a glass vase to a concert hall. They firmly believe in the collaboration and multidisciplinary interaction that allow them to work with design and architecture studios, urbanists, artists, museum curators, scenographers and other disciplines, and from that they have generated an active process which allow them to work on a continuos learning platform open for participation and free of protagonism. Theu value technology but they work hand by hand with craftsmen in a horizontal relationship of mutual respect, they understand craftsmanship as a natural tool in their process, they value perfection as much as they value the accident as an expression. Their profession allows them to relate with different disciplines, they move away from styles and formulas; they are interested in exploring new languages and expand the possibilities, starting each project from scratch. They understand design as a living process of dialogue, a physical and emotional need to understand the subject, the moment, the context and predict the evolution of it.

Why they’ve been nominated

Their studio understands design as a generator of value and emotions, transition and change. They nurture and promote tradition as a tool to create new languages, escaping always from stereotypes. They link their design projects with small craft workshops and manufacture in a horizontal collaboration practice scheme.

The beauty and innovation of their work lies in the comprehension of the value of their cultural heritage, in the understanding of a rich narrative that allows them to translate this heritage into new languages, meanings and new possibilities which subsequently are applied to all their projects.

Auditorio Nacional

It is the first time that the most important Shows & Events Venue in Mexico and one of the three most important in the World has its own bar. It is an iconic space for an iconic building: The National Auditorium. The space is formally and conceptually integrated with the architecture that houses it. It is a space sheltered by the main staircase, a continuous and pure arch. Our response generates elements with forceful geometries in bar and counter bar; A space that alludes to "the cave" that observes and is observed.

Typology: Bar
Client: Auditorio Nacional
Location: Mexico City
Completion: 2018
Photography: Jaime Navarro

Bar Auditorio Nacional 2
Bar Auditorio Nacional 1

Pavilion - Annual Arca

Annual Arca is a pavilion that involved the work of several architects and designers. They created a piece that was reproduced more than 400 times in Oxford gray granite obtaining different shades thanks to the effect of the lights. Part of this work served to question the millionaire investments that are made for fairs of this type, in which the projects have a useful life of a few days. For this reason, taking into account the economic effort, it was proposed to make a piece to be installed in Mexico City. A long-term investment, which serves the public space, while spreading collaborative work.

Client: Mármoles Arca
Location: Mexico City
Completion: 2017
Photography: Pablo DaRonco
Creative Direction: Héctor Esrawe, Manuel Cervantes, Mauricio Rocha, Javier Sánchez, Javier Claverie, Rafael Rivera, Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio del Río, Emmanuel Ramírez, Diego Ricalde

Pabellon Annual Arca
Pabellon Annual Arca2


Kumoto is a tribute to the founders passion and the trajectory of Japanese cuisine. After the success of the Tori Torirestaurants and in search of more intimate experience, we created a traditional Japanese restaurant concept, thata few local restaurants have developed.Taking the Bento Box as a reference (homemade food rationaccommodated in a tray of wooden boxes), the walls and theceiling generate a wraparound reticle made of saw oak veneer.The sushi bar, located in the background, is framed with plates of natural steel and brass, aimed to leave a feeling of a theatricalinspiration. A large table has been build in the middle of therestaurant, which acts as the centerpiece of the space. The island is created in natural steel, exhibiting a variety of objects such as sake containers, collection vessels and tableware, all which are used in the restaurant.Around this centrepiece table lay wooden tables and chairs, thatare specially designed for Kumoto.

Client: Urbanfork
Location: Mexico City
Completion: 2018
Photography: Jaime Navarro

Restaurante Kumoto 2
Restaurante Kumoto

Restaurant - Taquería El Califa

El Califa is already a gastronomic reference if we talk about the best “taquerías” in Mexico City, not only for the quality of its ingredients but also for its service and atmosphere. In 2018, the brand started an expansion process and opened a new restaurant in one of the busiest streets in the city, Avenida de los Insurgentes.Esrawe Studio found its source of inspiration in the tortilla and its geometric translation to the circle, as well as inits repetition, partition and variants. The tortilla has been an important part of people’s lives in Mexico since prehispanictimes, when our ancestors used corn tortillas as a dish, food and spoon. Today everyone finds ingenious ways to use it, creating a personal touch in the way of preparing, folding and holding a taco. From all the different ways of folding a tortilla we generate a new concept to reinterpret the essence of traditional “taquerías” in Mexico.

El Califa Web 04
Taqueria El Califa

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