Designed by: Rapt Studio
For client: Jerde Floor area: 1750.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

Jerde 3
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About the Project

Jerde is an architecture and urban planning firm best known for high-profile international projects. When it came time to design their new headquarters they called on Rapt Studio, facilitating their move to the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Now housed in a historic landmark building, Jerde has firmly established itself within the city’s urban core.

Inspired just as much by hospitality as workplace design, the space welcomes visitors who come from around the world to meet with the firm. Warm wood paneling provides a backdrop, and large plants frame views of the blue LA sky. A conference room encased in glass can be separated into two rooms by a partition, and adjacent is a kitchen where employees gather. Just beyond is a model shop, where employees craft small versions of real-life projects.

Custom desks provide Jerde the flexibility of an open office layout and have large surfaces for reviewing drawings as teams, encouraging collaboration. A large, open library displays materials, and shelving like scaffolding shows off models and more plants.

Here, raw meets polished: exposed concrete and a waffle ceiling balance high-end finishes and luxurious textures like leather, walnut, and brass. A deep green – in a shade not far from the firm’s trademark color– provides a pop.

Jerde can now graciously receive its clients in a historic yet modern setting, showcasing their work and unique design process in an inviting space. To them, it signifies a rebirth of the firm.

What’s unique about it

Why might an architecture firm hire another firm to design their office when they could complete the job themselves? In working with Rapt, Jerde saw a special opportunity to define their particular needs and desires as an office, and to establish a space that reflected them.

Jerde wanted an inviting space in which to welcome the visitors from around the world who come to speak with them about the international projects they’re developing. A large, open lobby with plush furniture and views of the Los Angeles skyline provide the perfect setting.

A large conference room that can be split into two is easily reconfigurable, allowing for maximum flexibility. A room dedicated to model-making has glass doors to make activity viewable to passersby. The final products can be easily presented and displayed around the office. Large desks – perfect for viewing plans as teams – provide ample space for collaboration.

Each design decision reflects Jerde’s aspirations and supports the vision for its evolution.

Jerde 2
© Eric Laignel

A warm, welcoming reception.

Jerde 4
© Eric Laignel

The conference room can be separated into two rooms by a partition.

Jerde 8
© Eric Laignel

Visitors can watch employees craft models of real-life projects on a small scale.

Jerde 7
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Large surfaces provide ample space for reviewing projects as teams.

Jerde 6
© Eric Laignel

Shelving like scaffolding holds models and plants.

Jerde 5
© Eric Laignel
Jerde 1
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Upon first entering the office, a lobby with a reception desk and plush lounge seating welcome visitors, who come from all over the world to meet with the firm.

Inside Jerde’s new office, hospitality meets workplace design.

Location of project:
Rapt Studio

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