EDGE Technologies

Designed by: Fokkema & Partners Architecten
For client: EDGE Technologies Floor area: 1.80 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Sustainability Award

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Home Zone. // The discussions on how a forward-thinking developer’s office could look like resulted in the desire for a warm, personal atmosphere; it had to feel like home.

About the Project

EDGE Technologies moved to the top floor of EDGE Olympic. In order to ‘actively contribute to the health of people’; EDGE buildings gather and analyse data, based on which, among others, the spatial experience and energy performance are optimised, from the interior climate to the lighting. An exciting NO OFFICE concept was developed for the EDGE headquarters: a space that radically clashes with the traditional office space, yet it is a great place to work. It is a space that can serve as an experimental garden for new ideas and technologies, opening a living lab for EDGE’s developments. With a focus on health, wellbeing and hospitality, the apparent opposites of sustainability and high-tech have been unified in an exciting synthesis.

Three subtly divided zones: home, urban and tiny villa feature an array of different work- and meeting places. Biophilia inspired design principles such as organic forms, patterns and rhythm are omnipresent, as well as good acoustics, interior planting, orientation to daylight and views alongside the facades and atrium edges. All materials are screened for sustainable origin and toxic components. From the hand-laid library floor, made of end-grain wood, to the gender-neutral toilets and a waterfall with soundscape; the design combines new ideas, techniques and materials. All registers are opened to show what technology and WELL have to offer. The design shows how these ‘building blocks’ can be used to create attractive and inspiring spaces.

What’s unique about it

The level of ambition of EDGE is illustrated by the aim to develop a workplace concept to fit the next generation of smart buildings. The common perception of technology is that it has a rather cold and distant appearance: contradictory to this, the EDGE HQ feels warm, green and welcoming. The HQ was even awarded the world's first WELL V2 Certified project at Platinum Level, promoting health and user wellbeing with meticulous elaboration on each detail.

To realise a coherent, sustainable design that answers to the strict demands set by the WELL building standard ánd the highest aesthetic goals, serving as a testing ground for new ideas, was a real challenge. By developing the NO OFFICE concept that challenge was tackled, providing a bold and contemporary, subtly divided open space with an overall homely and urban look-and-feel. It may not look like a standard office, yet it is a great place to work.

The HQ obtained an incredibly high spatial and executional differentiation. For each of the spaces, the implementation of excellent acoustics, lighting and ergonomic design with 100% low emission materials were essential. Bringing in the tech, the design makes use of sensor technology, circadian lighting and soundscaping. It integrates huge high-resolution (touch)screens, a waterfall, 3d printed furniture and there are 2 support robots. The design encourages a healthy lifestyle and chance interactions, acting as a catalyst for the sharing of knowledge.

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Tiny Villa. // People looking for peace can go to the tiny villa part, which represents a modernist residence in structure and atmosphere. There is a ‘living room’ with a seat and a garden swing, a library with study spots and a small ‘botanic garden’ tha

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View over the buzzing atrium of the smart building EDGE Olympic, a transformation designed by Architecten Cie. EDGE Technologies HQ is situated on the top floor with a spacious and highly transparent cradle to cradle timber construction that was added on

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Home Zone. // discussions on how a forward-thinking developer’s office could look like resulted in the desire for a warm, personal atmosphere; it had to feel like home. This results in highly tactile surface materials and rethinking of al components such

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Home Zone. // featuring a quiet break out area with a bold backdrop and subtle integration of the EDGE logo.

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Urban Zone. // The interior of this board room allows for contemporary, and more informal ways of meeting, presenting and videoconferencing up to the highest standards. The homely atmosphere softens the high tech space with rounded glass corners accentuat

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Urban Zone. // The dynamic urban zone contains two board rooms and a tech playground used for the demonstration and testing of new technological developments, such as 3D-printed furniture and Virtual Reality glasses. The urban playground is at the back of

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Urban Zone. // Potted plants are integrated in every size, type and configuration. The bespoke bar and chandelier with integrated planting radiate a soothing, sturdy atmosphere with amazing views on the city.

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Urban Zone. // To encourage movement and drinking of water, there is always a water point within 30 meters. That means there are three kitchens on the floor with each a unique appearance. Healthy foods are presented in these detailed crafted surroundings

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Urban Zone. // The bar, offering a magnificent view of the city, is the perfect meeting place; (business) lunches, drinks or a game of table football – it is all possible.

The world's first WELL v2 Certified project at Platinum level is set on top floor of EDGE Olympic.

Fokkema & Partners Architecten.

EDGE Technologies

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