Surreal Uniqueness, Hanover

Designed by: Sophiegreen
For client: 2tec2/Limited Edition Floor area: 20.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Material

Sbe Domotex18 F13 1591Ret
© Olaf Becker, Munich

Exhibition visitors find themselves in a surreal space, Mirrors produce an immersive effect

About the Project

Unique Universe was the guiding theme of this year's Domotex taking place in Hanover. With this, the organizers thematically put the strong trend towards individualization into the focus of the floor covering exhibition. On the new Framing Trends special area and in 20 individual rooms, exhibitors, artists and young designers created unique worlds.

A special eye-catcher was the surreal-looking stand of the 2tec2 flooring company and the Limited Edition carpet manufacturer, which Sophie Green had designed for the two Belgian companies.

The stand invited the exhibition visitors into a “tableau vivant”, a walk-in painting, as it were. “Surreal Uniqueness” was the title, which Sophie Green aptly gave to the collage of materials she created – woven vinyl in various shades of grey by 2tec2 and brightly coloured carpet elements by Limited Edition.

What’s unique about it

The fusion of rational and emotional materials creates a freely designed universe that escapes from the realm of the reality.
The materials used, represent consummate craftsmanship, individualization and interaction; a surreal world formed from a unique blend of the rational, emotional, organic and geometric.

The architectural elements of this collage of materials were created by various shades of grey 2tec2 woven vinyl floorcovering. The light that responds to the flooring brings the space to life due to the ever-changing colour shades.
The brightly coloured tufted carpet elements of Limited Edition add emotion, warmth and an extra alienating dimension to this surreal walk-in piece of art.
The panels of art can be de- and reassembled, and have become part of the manufacturers showroom after the floor covering exhibition.
Inspired by the different materials of the two product lines – architectural, rational floor covering on the one hand, tufted, haptic carpets on the other – the Munich interior designer created a world where nothing was the way it seemed.

Symmetrical shapes contrasted with asymmetrical and amorphous forms. The result was an illusionistic room with effects reminding of M.C Escher.

Mirrored ceiling sails further increased the feeling of being immersed in a strange world.

Surreal Uniqueness shows the strong spatial and emotional effect, which it is possible to produce with floor covering.

Sbe Domotex18 F13 1575Ret
© Olaf Becker, Munich

Framing Trends special area - individual room

Sbe Domotex18 F13 1991Ret
© Olaf Becker, Munich

Mirrors produce an immersive effect

Sbe Domotex18 F13 2030Ret
© Olaf Becker, Munich

collage of materials

Sbe Domotex18 F13 1583Ret
© Olaf Becker, Munich

Framing Trends special area - individual room - tableau vivant

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© Olaf Becker, Munich

Exhibition visitors find themselves in a surreal space

sophiegreen / Surreal Uniqueness / Domotex 2018

Location of project:

2tec2 / Limited Edition

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