007 Elements, Sölden, Austria

Designed by: obermoser arch-omo zt gmbh
For client: Ötztaler Gletscherbahnen Ges. mbH. & Co. KG. Sölden Floor area: 1200.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Sustainability Award

007 Elements 13 Action Hall Kristopher Grunert
© Kristopher Grunert

007 Elements, Action Hall

About the Project

The initial purpose for 007 Elements was to design a building for a cinematic installation, an experience closer to a film than to a museum in the traditional sense. The location was unique and spectacular: the Gaislachkogl, a Mountain Top at 3.040 meters above sea level among the Austrian Alps, only reachable by cable car or by foot in summer. On top, panoramic views space over an endless alpine scenery.
The architectural concept followed the ‘inside the mountain’ and ‘iceberg’ principles. Volumes were developed to mimetically integrate, disappearing under the rock, spaces were conceived as mainly introverted, to allow the senses to sharpen up and fully commit to the interactive installation contents.
Nine concrete chambers, placed inside the mountain and connected by ramps, unfold through the interactive exhibition along slightly inclined, almost unnoticeable descending levels, through sophisticated spatial sequences.
Only exceptions to the design principle are two extroverted spaces, projecting wide-open fronts above the high-alpine landscape, framing spectacular views, incorporating the dramatic natural environment in the interior spaces and establishing visual connections to the filming locations.

The choice of materials was an essential component of the design concept. Materials embody the archaic strength of the environment, meanwhile, represent the Bond brand. We chose to express a rough character, to display timeless and innovative elements.

What’s unique about it

Socio-economic sustainability:
A contemporary trend in alpine context is the accessibility of mountain peaks, therewith the growing demand for challenging projects at high altitudes. Site-responsible architectural interventions are relevant for the present and near future.
While designing the 007 Elements, our awareness about the role of the intervention guided our work-in-progress. The aim: a sustainable model able to revitalize the area. For this remote location, tourism is the main income-resource. The project embodies the location's identity and, as wonderful eye-catcher becomes a ‘landmark’, an effective socio-economic motor.

Environmental sustainability:
Trans-disciplinary solutions were essential to the design process. We developed innovative criteria for structural, technical and energetic optimization.
At 3.050 m altitude, the Permafrost is a frozen rock conglomerate in perpetual motion and adjustment with temperature fluctuations, a challenging foundation to build on.
Structural expedient: naturally ventilated foundations. The structure relies on linear fundaments, on top of which single concrete volumes, flexibly connected by cuffs, adjust to the movements of the rock conglomerate. Natural ventilation freely blows under it, guaranteeing no temperature transmissions.
Energetic concept avoided heating or air-conditioning system. Outdoor temperatures permeate the interiors and amplify visitor’s awareness of the extreme alpine-context.

007 Elements 14 Action Hall David Schreyer
© David Schreyer

007 Elements, Action Hall

007 Elements 10 Briefing Room Kristopher Grunert
© Kristopher Grunert

007 Elements, Briefing Room

007 Elements 12 Tech Lab Kristopher Grunert
© Kristopher Grunert

007 Elements, Tech Lab

007 Elements 05 Barrel Of The Gun Kristopher Grunert
© Kristopher Grunert

007 Elements, Barrel of the Gun

007 Elements 06 Plaza Obermoser Arch Omo Zt Gmbh
© obermoser arch-omo zt gmbh

007 Elements, Plaza

007 Elements 04 Obermoser Arch Omo Zt Gmbh
© obermoser arch-omo zt gmbh

007 Elements

007 Elements 02 Obermoser Arch Omo Zt Gmbh
© obermoser arch-omo zt gmbh

007 Elements

007 Elements 01 Obermoser Arch Omo Zt Gmbh
© obermoser arch-omo zt gmbh

007 Elements

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