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Submitted for: Emerging Designer of the Year

About the Designer

Established in 2016, Studio Edwards combines architecture, interiors & conceptual design with a dedication to pushing these disciplines in innovative and unexpected directions. Projects are Independent of scale- from a portable champagne flute to re-imagining density for suburban housing typologies.

Why they’ve been nominated

Studio edwards practice model centres on ‘ideas incubation’ and the commitment to question, investigate & learn. Importance is placed on being aware of what’s happening outside the four walls of the studio; being part of a larger network that includes designers, as well as individuals and brands working within the discovery, innovation and technology sectors.

Projects are dreamed & conceived rather than delivered. Each considered as a life cycle or ongoing consideration -rather than a start and end point. Allowing for evolution and adaptability.

All projects have scope for further refinement or adaptation to their current business model. it’s not just about a top-down way of thinking about design; it’s about connection, bringing people together and identifying alternative ways to make projects happen.

Outside knowledge, expertise and talent as a fundamental part of the design process & studio environment. Be it fabricators, branding agencies, consultants or younger & better designers. The aim being to stay as an agile studio, a small core able to traverse, side step and explore without the baggage of a larger practice. The contemporary designer connects not only people, but elements, ideas & spaces that don’t yet exist.

An entrepreneurial way of thinking in regards to projects, where it’s not necessarily just about having an end client,: making for excitement, new energies and a spirit of questioning and exploring whilst pushing excellence as standard

House 28

The house sits lightly, floating above the sloping terrain below. Designed to be almost invisible it blends into its surrounds- offering habitat to native plants on its roof. A container house on the Surf Coast in Wye River, Victoria. Designed as a weekend retreat & made from three 20ft shipping containers. Two connect to form the living space with toilet, laundry & entry. The third a sleeping wing with two bedrooms, toilet & shower. Connected by a external deck on steel stilts which sit on deep concrete pile foundations- anchoring the house to the hillside.Internally the spaces are lined with marine plywood. Externally they are insulated & clad with galvanised steel sheeting. The northern face of the house has fixings to allow for planting wires to connect to the ground, encouraging native plants to grow over the house.

Typology: Residence
Completed: 2018
Location: Wye River, Victoria, Australia
Photography: Tony Gorsevski



The new LEFT store showcases women’s fashion by international brands including Phoebe English, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme Des Garcons & Helen Lawrence.Located in central Melbourne on a corner laneway behind the busy shopping streets. It has been designed as an intimate, tactile & calming retreat for shoppers to experience beautiful garment design in a space blurring the edges between object, furniture & interior.A crumpled white translucent skin lines the interior filtering light and views through the glass. Softening the space & providing backdrop to the predominantly dark coloured clothing. Garments are displayed on slender steel rails floating on angled steel-dissolving vertically to white. Arranged along the ombre white & concrete walls so as to make the space feel expansive and inviting. Sliding gold panels animate the interior, reflecting views of the garments & crumpled paper screen. Tucked away to the the rear, the fitting rooms are enclosed with raw felt and woven sisal flooring.Moveable plinths arranged centrally, made from layered felt provide display for shoes & accessories. Seating is formed from raw steel sections sandwiching layered textured panels blending from dark to light, dissolving between floor and object.

Typology: Retail Store
Completed: 2017
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Fraser Marsden

Q0 A2793 Rm
Q0 A2771Rm
20171220 136


A showroom, store & hotel in one. Designed for property company microluxe. Micro in that it challenges what can be achieved within a small space through clever cutting edge design. Luxe in its attention to detail. -from the exquisite furniture, artwork and finishes. The space has been completely re-modeled to include a marble lined bathing podium, (complete with mini tub) as part of the living space. A gold mirrored box contains a fold down queen size bed. The kitchen sits within a raw steel monolith, appearing to hover above the ground. An oversized industrial glass pivot door connects the interior to a private courtyard garden The existing bathroom has been completely re-configured with freestanding sculpted basin, angular mirror and customised folded pipework which also acts as a heated towel rail. The aim was to create a series of implied spaces & dynamic objects within the overall volume of the apartment-combining materiality and beautiful objects without hiding the existing rawness of the building. Bringing the space to life and allowing guests to change the ambience as they wish. Bare materials are treated as precious items & preserved for their beauty and memory of the site.

Typology: Hospitality
Completed: 2017
Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Fraser Marsden

Microlux 014 Hr

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