CRLand Archive Library, Shenzhen

Designed by: Studio Link-Arc
For client: China Resources Group Floor area: 9000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Best Use of Material

Crland Archive Library 04
© Shengliang Su

Lobby Space

About the Project

Located on the north side of the Xiaojingwan University campus in Shenzhen, the CRLand Archive Library serves as an archive for the client and functions as a gallery space and lecture hall that serves the nearby campus.

The project’s upper two floors (housing the building’s public programs) are restricted to a boxy massing defined by the footprint of the archive vaults beneath. To increase connections between the internal program and the site beyond, Link-Arc created two interior public spaces: an understated entry lobby connected to the main campus, and a dramatic exhibition space with views of the city and landscape beyond. The two spaces are connected by a linear skylight hall which provides access to the second floor.

As part of the design process, Link-Arc studied the possibilities inherent within the geometric module of the brick. It is used both as a solid cladding, to promote a sense of mass and weight, and as light skin, to promote transparency and layering.

The mass of the brick combined with clear subtractive gestures and delicate screen effects creates a dynamic exterior massing and a compelling interior experience. The hand-made nature the brick adds a unique exterior texture that connects the project to the land, to history, and to the simple act of making. Each brick, formed and fired by hand, records its own creation and creates a dynamic surface that changes over the course of the day.

What’s unique about it

The CRLand Archive Library reveals a strong design capacity in multiple areas including site response, architectural composition, material palette, and detailed strategy.

The project responds to different external conditions within a unified architectural framework. Facing the campus, the project presents a restrained massing sympathetic to the existing campus architecture. Meanwhile, the side facing the city is defined by a dynamic expression that creates a landmark quality when seen from a distance.

At a more detailed level, a carefully considered compositional approach breaks down the solid mass and creates moments of lightness that add nuance to the exterior and hints at the organization within.

The building’s exterior results from a detailed exploration of the possibilities inherent with the single brick module. In addition to its typical use as a textured surface, various additive and subtractive actions create different effects, ranging from an articulated exterior surface to a light brick screen that allows shaded natural light into the project’s interior. The interior also includes hand-made glazed tiles and carefully considered architectonic details that bring texture and nuance to the project’s interior spaces.

Crland Archive Library 05
© Shengliang Su

Exhibition Space

Crland Archive Library 03
© Shengliang Su

East Elevation

Crland Archive Library 02
© Shengliang Su

Roof Terrance

Crland Archive Library 01
© Shengliang Su

Main Entrance

Crland Archive Library 09

Wall Detail Model

Crland Archive Library 08 Section
© Shengliang Su

Section & Southwest View from Xiaojinwan University

Crland Archive Library 06
© Shengliang Su

Conceptual Sketch & Material Details

Crland Archive Library 10

Brick Detail Diagram

Crland Archive Library 07 Floor Plan
© Shengliang Su

7th Floor Plan & 8th Floor Plan

Location of project:
Studio Link-Arc

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