IFA 2017 Inspired by You, Berlin

Designed by: Cheil Germany MDLab
For client: Samsung Floor area: 6000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Best Use of Digital Technology

Mdlab Ifa Samsung 2017 09

About the Project

Stating that in the future everyday life will be tightly interwoven with new technology, Samsung wanted this message to become key for their 6000 sqm booth at IFA 2017
In order to create a prologue to the product exhibition, Cheil-MDLab designed a55m x 10m, curved back projection screen, the largest that IFA had ever seen. 27 HD projectors were employed to display the 14K media contents. 12 large LED rings marked interactive kiosks which were distributed in front of the screen, serving as a beacon to attract visitors and at the same time providing the necessary illumination.
The visitor was invited to create a portrait of their face that was composed of icons representing the Samsung product ecosystem. In a further step the artwork was shown on the large projection screen, creating a highlight moment where a composition of the faces of the visitors filled the screen. The interaction worked seamlessly using face recognition tools.

What’s unique about it

Cheil-MDLab opened a new chapter of exhibition space and interaction, creating an unique gesture combined with an elegant way to engage the visitor in a seamless experience.
The curved back projection screen, spanning across the entire width of the exhibition hall without any further support was a breathtaking gesture that was unmatched at this year’s IFA.
The fact that the visitor simply had to be present in order to engage with the screen, amplified the impression further. The displayed contents formed an artwork that visitors photographed and shared on social media.
While some concerns exist about the increased permeation of our life with technology, this installation successfully communicates that no matter how much more technology is advancing, the human being is to be put in the center of things.

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Location of project:
Cheil Germany MDLab

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