Brew You Ride, Amsterdam

Designed by: NorthernLight
For client: Heineken Floor area: 500.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Digital Technology

© NorthernLight

In the Kettle Room a series of projections fill the whole ceiling, giving the impression of an endless space above the visitors' heads.

About the Project

The Heineken Experience has received a new iconic attraction with the innovative Brew You Ride. This immersive multimedia experience is a spatial embodiment of the amazing journey of each Heineken beer, from brewing and bottling, to distribution and enjoyment all over the world. No voiceovers, no wordy descriptions: Brew You Ride takes visitors on an emotional journey through spatial storytelling.

Each of Brew You Ride’s five zones puts visitors at the heart of one step in Heineken’s intricate brewing process. Surrounded by infographics in the Waiting Room, guests understand the scale of Heineken’s demand. The Kettle Room’s ceiling projections transport them to the bottom of a boiler before they arrive in the Bottle Room, a space wrapped in one of the highest-resolution movies ever made. Hyper-realistic imagery – together with surround sound and the shaking floor below – sends guests straight to Heineken’s factory floor. In the Couch Room, projection mapping reaches new heights. Two groups of four take a seat on facing sofas, becoming both canvases for projection mapping. From a beach to a bar to a football stadium: the projected locations highlight the universality and shared experience of Heineken. After an engaging spectacle, Brew You Ride culminates with a freshly poured Heineken while the staff inform visitors how to enjoy a Heineken and say 'proost'. A moment that completes the sensorial experience through the addition of smell, touch and most importantly taste.

What’s unique about it

Brew You Ride has the power of a VR experience, but then with the addition of the spatial and social. An experience in which the latest in projection mapping and other audiovisual technologies are used in designing a series of immersive, programmable spaces. The spaces become time-spaces, focusing on emotions and storytelling. That makes the Brew You Ride unique, taking it beyond the realm of architectural and exhibition design.

To create this spatial experience, the latest high definition LED beamers were used, together with high tech motion platforms, digitally controlled doors and immersive surround audio systems, for which a series of immersive soundtracks were specially composed. The whole experience is steered by a digital show control system, that controls the timing of the experience; the projections, audio, waiting line and all automated doors that control the visitors flow.

Another important innovation in the Brew You Ride are three AV shows that were especially designed. They combine real footage with computer generated images and motion graphics and were edited and rendered with digital precision to fit each of the areas. This way, a series of digital virtual worlds has been created that serves as the base for the storytelling in each of the areas. In the Bottle Room, for example, it leads to a surround movie of an amazing 20,000 pixels.

The Brew You Ride is an emotional and multisensory experience. From brewing to bottling, it makes you feel the process.

Couchroom 3
© NorthernLight

In the Couch Room it is exactly defined projection mapping using the latest mapping software, that creates the magical experience of sitting on a couch that travels the world

Bottle 2
© NorthernLight

In the Bottle Room visitors experience the bottling process through immense surround projections, motion platforms and LED in ceiling and floors.

Bottle 5
© NorthernLight

In the Bottle Room visitors experience the bottling process through immense surround projections, motion platforms and LED in ceiling and floors.

Location of project:


Heijmerink Wagemakers Vormgeversatelier

Beam Systems

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