Impress Dental Studio

Designed by: Raul Sanchez Architects
For client: Smile2Impress Floor area: 79.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Healthcare Centre of the Year

Public Score
7.12 Function
7.12 Innovation
7.15 Creativity
Impress 6
© José Hevia

Stair to access the mezzanine studio: the curves draw the ascend, the red colour metal cladding colours it; the existing pillar and beam draw a T-shape element; on th eroght side, a mirror cladding of the corner generates a spatial trick. The entire interior is a complete spatial experience.

About the Project

Impress's first dental clinic in Spain is located in a small space in the center of Barcelona, with access on the ground floor, mezzanine and basement.
The concept of Impress is aimed at a young audience, grown with new technologies, since its offer is based on online treatments that reduce on-site visits. From the start, Impress looked for a fresh design, to represent the brand and its values, moving away from the topics of a dental clinic.

The design enhances the geometric characteristics of the premises, which, although reduced in depth, offered generous height. Thus, we proposed to reinterpret the Impress logo, a smile-like curve, to generate a set of interconnected partitions to form a large furniture assembly that meets functional needs: two studies, (at ground floor and mezzanine), and a toilet. This set moves two meters away from the façade to establish a reception area in close contact with the street, allowing the interior to be enjoyed from outside; and likewise, it moves away from one of the boundary walls to allow access to staircase to mezzanine and basement. The geometry of these partitions is based on circumference curves that go up to take the height of the upper floor, increasing the sense of depth and space by creating different ‘curtains’ in space.

At the rear, a triple-height void introduces natural light into the basement, dedicated to storage, office and kitchenette. On the other side of the void, the X-ray room is accessed through a glass walkway

What’s unique about it

The design of this dental clinic establish a spatial strategy able to create a strong visual identity solving spatial and functional topics through very creative means.
While virtually the entire interior is a single open ambience, the visual privacy is respected by controlling views from each space, what also creates expectation about what is on the other side of each partition. Thus, the reduced dimension of the space is dissolved in a more complex layout increasing the interior experience.

The material palette is dominated by the wood of the interior partitions, which adds an unusual warmth in a dental clinic; the existing structural elements stand out with the corporate gray color of Impress; a large corporate red metal cladding accompanies the ascent to the mezzanine and stains the interior with red highlights; a neon sign creates a corner for instagram pics; the floor tiles has the same red color joints of the metal wall…all the interior receive a color and texture treatment that obeys the Impress identity mark.
Finally, the façade is composed by two large stainless steel windows, whose geometry does not compete with the interior geometry nor with the axial configuration of the facade. Thus, the frames are placed on the inside of the walls, giving the feeling of being a single window, and two diagonal crossbars introduce new directions and visual axes, creating a set of transparencies and opacities to increase the expectation of what waits inside

Impress 1
© José Hevia

The curved profile wooden partitions solve all functional requirements, by means of a furniture-like set assembly which goes on ascending until reaching the mezzanine. Spatial sensation and depth is multiplied within the constraint of a reduced space.

Impress 2
© José Hevia

A two meter reception lobby establish a close contact with the street, as one the main requirements was to create an interior which would be quite visible from the outside. The coporate colours, red, gray and blue, colonize existing elements as much as new additions.

Impress 3
© José Hevia

A much desited instagram corner is placed at the entrance, highlighted by a neon light with the corporate colours. Even the lights seen in the ceiling in this photo, draw curves.

Impress 4
© José Hevia

The selected furniture is even different from the expected one of a dental clinic. A more warming sofas with colour were chosen. Inside the studios, one can feel to be in an enclosed and more intimate space, but at the same time enjoyng the feeling of the entire space.

Impress 5
© José Hevia

View of the corridor of access to basement stairs, bathroom, and x-ray room. The mezzanine flies over the corridor, the existing pillar stands on its own: all the interior is a composition of new and existing, in a complex and exciting layout.

Impress 7
© José Hevia

View from the landing of the mezzanine stair. Although a single open space, the wooden partitions control the views and privacy of each space. In the background, the exterior is shown and hidden by the play of the huge windows.

Impress 8
© José Hevia

View from the glass bridge of access to the x-ray room. This is a triple height void which brings light to the darker basement. The view reaches the entire lenght of the space. Different window-like cuts in the wooden partition show different glimpses of different spaces.

Impress 9
© José Hevia

Set within a classic façade, the new windows are two big stainless steel frames, placed on the inside of the walls, so seemingly from the street it looks like an only big window crossing the central pillar. The diagonal crossbars depart from any existing geometry or order, pointing the access and creating a play of transparencies and opacities to increase the expectation of what waits inside.

Impress Axo

Exploded Axonometry: The existing state offered just the ground floor, and no access to the basement. The spatial strategy is a composition of elements which interaact with each other solve all functional requirements, but doing it by means of quite creative devices to reflect the Impress values.

Location of project:
Raul Sanchez Architects

Mares Enginyers

Diagonal estructuras

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