UJOY Prime

Designed by: anySCALE Architecture Design
For client: UJOY Floor area: 1900.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Health Club of the Year

Ujoy Prime 02
© Xia Zhi

Reception, Staircase

About the Project

Spanning levels 2 to 4 of an apartment tower in Beijing, China, the gym had technical infrastructure to deal with. Bulky shafts blocked the floor area. The third and fourth floors had no internal connection and the views from the fourth floor were undesirable.
Our team overcame these obstacles. The shafts were wrapped in mirrors making them disappear into the space and reflect the outside greenery, giving a more open appearance. A metal staircase was installed to connect the third and fourth floors, integrated between the indoor swimming pool and training area.
To create a more picturesque scene on the fourth floor, a semi-transparent “Granny Smith” green metal fence was added. This type of design is seen in other facilities in dense, tight city spaces like New York.
We used three main colors - pale pink, “Granny Smith” green and warm chocolate gold - overlaid in a gray atmosphere. Each color has a special function and material.
Pale pink represents femininity, appearing as metal curtains to highlight reception and lounge areas. “Granny Smith” green was utilized in an elevated metal fence wrapped around the majority of the training areas in level 4 and the staircase connecting levels 3 and 4.
Warm chocolate gold was used in creating a semi-transparent metal tube wall, offering privacy to the swimming pool. The same color tone was used for signage and branding throughout the facility.

What’s unique about it

UJOY Prime is a leader in the modern development of China’s luxury fitness facilities. For decades, China lacked awareness and education on healthy lifestyles. Citizens did the minimum to keep their bodies functional, and sports education was nowhere to be found. However, times have changed. Today, physical health awareness has grown in leaps and bounds in China.
Demand for private training facilities and fitness clubs brought us to the starting point of our project.
Cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong lead these developments. Residents with higher educations and better jobs make up those seeking fitness facilities, showing top-to-bottom driven development.
Setting a benchmark in the industry’s development, UJOY Prime shows what modern fitness looks like.
Enjoying a “prime” location between a top-notch shopping mall and a brand new service apartment tower, UJOY Prime serves young, wealthy Chinese who seek luxury but also crave the fusion of a suburban lifestyle with elements of the New York-based DJ scene.
In addition, our design was specifically aimed to create a gym for men and women. Aside from the fact that our clients were a couple, the inspiration came our belief in gender parity. Both females and males require entirely different workout facilities. Our design for UJOY Prime considered this by offering diverse, functional set-ups and using so-called male tones in combination with a female-color-tone focus as the primary identifiers of the look and feel.

Ujoy Prime 05
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Class Room

Ujoy Prime 01
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Ujoy Prime 04
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Fitness Zone

Ujoy Prime 06
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LED Screen Reception

Ujoy Prime 08
© Xia Zhi

Male Locker Room

Ujoy Prime 10
© Xia Zhi

Swimming Pool

Ujoy Prime 07
© Xia Zhi

Female Locker Room

Ujoy Prime 09
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Swimming Pool

Ujoy Prime 03
© Xia Zhi

Fitness Zone

anySCALE Architecture Design

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