Henry's - hidden bar

Designed by: Heineken Experience / IDEAL Projects
For client: Heineken Experience Floor area: 36.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Bar of the Year

Public Score
6.47 Function
6.40 Innovation
6.57 Creativity
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Some of the walls can be flipped around. They'll transform into chalkboards. On the door you see "Henry's", written in the original handwriting taken from an old document.

About the Project

Henry’s* is a hidden bar named after Henry Pierre Heineken. He was a scientist who gained his doctorate in chemistry in 1914 and joined the Heineken board the same year. Throughout his career, Henry was passionate about science and chemistry. Amongst others, he set up a laboratory in the Amsterdam brewery.
This bar is an homage to Henry. It’s located inside the Heineken Experience and part of the Heritage Floor, where the Heineken Collection has its archives. The visit is an experience in its own, from the beginning to the end:
Enter Henry’s via an exhibited poster and experience Henry’s legacy through the design of the bar and his drive for discovery. Real artefacts from his time are used for the décor, like his microscope and a black and white visual of the lab crew. Take a seat at the golden messing bar that is rounded to allow interaction with the guide, a true beer professor. Five costume made draft columns are designed to serve different beers form the Heineken portfolio, which are paired with matching bites. Each beer has an accompanying scent that can be explored with the Erlenmeyer flasks on the wall.
At Henry’s, interaction is as important as surprises. The panel walls can be turned around and will transform into blackboards, to enhance the tasting story. All walls are covered with ribbed buxkin, recycled leather which doesn’t only give a luxury finish to the bar but also provide better acoustics.

*Henry’s visit is part of the Heineken Experience VIP tour.

What’s unique about it

The Heineken Experience should win the award as it ticks all the boxes:

Functionality and user-friendliness are key. Guests engage with the interior as well as with the host and thereby become part of the experience. The rounded bar allows interaction and a personal tasting experience with approximately 12 guests. Striving for innovation, the Erlenmeyer bottles don’t only enhance the lab décor, they invite guests to discover different beer scents, which are also used in the brewery lab.

Henry’s bar concept embodies enjoyment of beer as well as education in an authentic and exclusive setting. By using some of the 120.000 items of the Heineken Collection, original art effects and stories aren’t locked away but come to life. Therefore, Henry’s doesn’t just “tell a story”, it enhances Heineken history in various facets. The name Henry’s is written on the door in the original hand writing of Henry, which was copied from an old document. Henry’s love for classical music is reflected in the choice of music played in the bar.

The choice of material like buxkin as wall cover isn’t only sustainable, but an innovative choice. The golden notes inside Henry’s, from the bar to the mirror tile ceiling, give Henry’s the exclusive touch that the bar concept embodies. The mirror tiles in combination with the LED pattern on the wall make the space look infinite. Thanks to this bar experience, also Henry's achievements will live on for infinity.

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Visitors are invited to explore beer-scents in the Erlenmeyer flasks, which are also used in the lab of the Zoeterwoude brewery nowadays. Each beer has an accompanying scent.

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Each beer has a matching bite, such as the Heineken beer bread made with Heineken’s secret ingredient: the A-yeast™, to make it a thourough and innovative experience.

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Meet the team from back in the days. The black and white visual in the back of the bar is a photo of the Heineken laboratory in the time that Henry was a board member.

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Original Heineken lab items are part of the decor, like an old microscope, test tubes and pipettes, which enhance storytelling and authenticity.

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Henry's is a hidden bar. The entrance is inside a poster, which is part of the very first exhibition of the Heineken Collection - but don't tell!

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Take a seat at the rounded golden messing bar and enjoy the personal beer journey in an exclusive and intimate setting.

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Heineken Experience

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