A new home for the Goede Doelen Loterijen

Designed by: D/DOCK
For client: Goede Doelen Loterijen Floor area: 12000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Large Office of the Year

Public Score
3.99 Function
3.93 Innovation
4.10 Creativity
Michaelvan Oosten Atrium 15 Klein
© Michael van Oosten

The design of this big open space, the atrium, is based on a Mediterranean piazza, with warm and natural colors. The terrace stairs are the heart of the building, this is where people meet. It's a metaphor for their former outside walking route between th

About the Project

These spaces - designed by D/DOCK - like the auditorium, the entrance, the restaurants, the stairs, work units, and the callcentre, etcetera contribute to the feeling of connection, and as well to the experience of the entire interior with its invisible layers. These are the emotional and ritual layers of the organization which are strongly felt.

On the clients’ and Benthem&Crouwel Architects’ initiative, all 600 employees were asked to think about their wishes for the new building. The neighborhood community was also involved and wished for a restaurant that could also serve as a meeting place.

One of the clients most important wishes was that all the furniture from the previous buildings would be reused. After all, every piece of furniture has a story, which contributes to a meaningful interior design. Another one on the wishlist was: many plants. Adding greenery is an important part of D/DOCK’s Healing Offices method. We paid significant attention to acoustics by using perforated sheets, tilted roof slats and acoustic panels made of recycled army uniforms in the phone booths and call centers. The entrance is a warm welcome for guests and employees. The atrium feels like a typical atmospheric Mediterranean city square. The terrace staircase is the connecting factor, the heart. This atrium generates quite a buzz, that’s why we created a meander wall which separates the 'hot zone' from the 'cold zone' and people can work concentrated.

What’s unique about it

Community feeling
This project is a leading example on how to merge all departments, functionalities and different teams into one community, give them their own environment and take into account the individual needs. Before, the organizations employees were spread over 6 buildings and a separate tv-studio. The best and most valuable feedback from the organization is: “I met colleagues I’ve never spoken face to face before! Yes, it’s so easy now to meet with my colleagues, it gives us a strong feeling of community and connection”

Social Sustainability
All employees were asked to be involved in making a sustainable wishlist for the design of the building. A group participated in drawing the inner facades for example, which gives the atrium a very unique look&feel and which gives the employees a sense of ownership. This involvement and empowerment generates social sustainability.

BREAAM Outstanding Certificates
With these certificates, the organization demonstrates its vision on how to treat our planet. From solar panels, solar cells in the windows, cradle to cradle carpet, worms hotels, rain water usage and so on, they inspire their employees, visitors and the neighbourhood community.

Ddock Goede Doelen Loterijen Michael Van Oosten6 Klein
© Michael van Oosten

In the phone booths we used recycled army uniforms for acoustics.

Ddock Goededoelen La Lotteria
© Michael van Oosten

La Lotteria is the restaurant which is open for public, it’s connected to the outside square so everybody can walk in. It’s run by a social entrepreneur who employs people with a distance to the labour market. Besides, it’s a favorite spot for Goede Doele

Ddock Goede Doelen Loterijen Michael Van Oosten1 Kopie
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The call centre, with plenty of daylight and transparency.

Ddock Goede Doelen Loterijen Michael Van Oosten2 Klein
© Michael van Oosten

The entrance is open and gives a warm welcome to all visitors and employees.

Terrace Sketch

Detail sketch of the terrace staircase.

Npl 2A Lm01 1E Verd

The red line is the meander wall, this clearly separates the noisy atrium from the periphery cold zones where people need to concentrate.


Concept sketch of the terrace staircase

Ddock Goede Doelen Loterijen Michael Van Oosten9 Klein
© Michael van Oosten

The barista serves healthy smoothies and good cappuccinos

Tessa Jol Auditorium 12 Klein
© Tessa Jol

The auditorium can be used for many occasions, like events for their charity partners, employee-celebrations, but also for other organizations like the highschool across the street. The chairs are reupholstered and origin from the Old Church in Naarden. T

This project is comprehensive, with this video we show you more insights + give the people a voice.

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