Cava Arcari, A Luce Costante, Vicenza

Designed by: Viabizzuno
For client: laboratorio morseletto Floor area: 1400.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Light

Public Score
5.55 Function
5.45 Innovation
5.45 Creativity
The Back Ground Lights Show The Incredible Depth Of The Cave Arcari Which Continue Into The Mountain For Other 200 Metres

The back ground lights show the incredible depth of the 'cave arcari' which continue into the mountain for more than 200 metres.

About the Project

Arcari quarry is located in northern Italy, in the hills around Vicenza, the city of Palladio. For more than 300 years, until the 50’, tons of green stone were excavated by hand and used as construction material for the traditional neoclassical villas of palladian echoes, in the surrounding countryside. Many statues used to adorn gardens around these rich estates, were modeled out of this soft beautiful white stone. The ‘cave’ are the result of many years of quarrying which left a cavernous space supported by irregular massive piers. The project designed by david chipperfield architects and commissioned by the morseletto stone laboratory, reintroduces the white stone, with a series of platforms, steps and ramps, to allow the maximum flexibility for every kind of use, from a concert to a lecture, a movie projection or a theatre piece. Both the ambient and stage lighting, designed by Viabizzuno, enhance the unique atmosphere for this new events space. therefore performances can take place in every point of the platforms or even on the rough ground of earth and gravel around it. The surrounding chambers, mostly filled with water, lit from below, offered a visual impressive show, supported in case of concerts by peculiar soundscape.

What’s unique about it

To illuminate ‘Cava Arcari’, Mario Nanni, the founder of Viabizzuno, had clear in mind his aim to keep the sacredness and the uniqueness of the space as much as possible, trying not to interfere with the geometry and the essence of the heart of the hills. No cables are used but every light fitting has its own battery, lasting around 12 hours, easily rechargeable. No special support is used to fix and install the lamps: every fitting is just gently leaning on the white stone platform or hanging from preexisting hooks. With brand new hybrid propellers fittings, Viabizzuno lights up all monumental pillars, that glaring in the rainy water ponds, bare grand geometries, with rigour composed. The lighting approach is essential and sober, a clear choice has been made to tell the atmosphere of the quarry: ‘torcia n55’ lights up the stone pavement, ‘cubo di luce elettronica’ transforms water into mirrors, ‘lanterna n55’ reveals niches in the rocks and ‘piantana microtraccia’ lightens the performers, the public or traces of ancient work on the scratched stone surface. During the performance is possible to regulate the intensity, the colour, the position, the starting and the beam of every light source, with a simple electronic device, a telephone, an ipad… an incredible amount of light scenarios can be created on remote, only with a couple of clicks. Once the event is over, all lights can be removed, recharged and stored. the space returns to be free and silent, in penumbra.

The Suspension Light Fittings Almost Unvisible Transform The Primitive Quarry Space Into A Livable And Charming Place

The almost invisible suspension light fittings transform the primitive quarry space into a livable and charming place

Lanterna N55 Revealing The Shades Of The Stone And Shows The Path Along The Stone Niches

Lanterna n55 revealing the shades of the stone and shows the path along the niches

Torcia N55 Becoming Chandelier

Torcia n55 becoming chandelier

Torcia N55 Macking The Platform Bright

Torcia n55 making the platform bright

The Light Beam Is Parallel To The Water Creating The Reflection

The light beam is parallel to the water, creating a perfect reflection

The Ceiling Lighted Up Mirrored In The Pond

The ceiling lighted up, mirrored in the pond

Michael Nyman Performing With Other Musiciens All Performers Could Not See Each Others Torcia N55 Is Lighting Only Where Is Needed 2 2

Michael Nyman performing with other musiciens. all performers could not see each others. torcia n55 is lighting only where is needed

Limitless Games Of Mirroring Monumental Architectures

Limitless games of mirroring monumental architectures

Like Bright Fireflies In The Air Staining The Space With Shades Of Blue Green And Gold Piantana Standing As A Guardian Of The Stone Platform

Like bright fireflies in the air, staining the space with shades of blue, green and gold piantana, standing as a guardian of the stone platform

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david chipperfield architects

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