Gao Wei

Designed by: YUXUN'LS Design
For client: Yunnan Laodian Shanzhai Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd. Floor area: 1100.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Restaurant of the Year

01 Gao Wei
© Steven Hu

Long table area

About the Project

This case is a restaurant with Yunnan ethnic characteristics. The designer starts from the inner dimension of environmental construction, through in-depth thinking and combing the relationship between food and culture, fashion and tradition, and disseminates the emotional communication channel to the heart.

Due to the limitation of the project location, it is more difficult to attract the customers and export the brand. Therefore, through the combination and splicing of multiple rich colors, the exterior facade creates rich and varied visual effects, and establishes the interaction between indoor and outdoor, which can easily capture the eyes of passers-by diners.

The pattern design of the main axis makes use of the interpolation and distinction between spaces, smooth lines and functions, meets the diverse dining needs of diners, enlarges the space vision, and devotes itself to creating the restaurant space of modern city.

The tables are made of warm wood color, which make the atmosphere of the interior space more fresh and natural. The scattered chandeliers soften the sense of square space and outline the visual catharsis point. The alternation of color and shape of the whole space fully mobilizes the visual tension. At the same time, with the help of terrazzo, wood, cortex and mirror, the interface between the two rooms is not only transitional extension, but also detail level, which sets off a rich and diverse spatial texture.

What’s unique about it

The quality and variety of products are only the basic demands of diners, while the situational and personalized environment and its brand aesthetics are the important factors of brand circle fans. Therefore, how to have both "authentic Yunnan taste" and a new perspective and thinking has become the focus of space expression in this case. The design team follows the brand's consistent exquisite and colorful approach, focusing on highlighting the virtual and real space and liquidity. With transparent, pluralistic and delicate visual presentation, in a rational and fashionable style, the designers get rid of the public's inherent impression of Yunnan-style restaurants, which is flexible and comfortable.

The name of the signature dishes hangs in mid-air in the form of neon signs, as if to whisper about the long history of the Yunnan cuisine to every diner. Besides firewood, rice, oil and salt, it adds a sense of ceremonies, which reflects the unique and fashion of Yunnan cuisine nowadays.

The designers uses different materials and colors to distinguish different functional areas, which reduces the physical partition in space and makes the functional layout appear in the invisible partition, and has a great sense of bulk. At the same time, it shows a simple texture in the design. As far as the eye can see, the smooth lines are laid out on the facade and the top, outlining the delicate texture details, and the inlaid exquisite lighting makes the texture sublimate.

02 Gao Wei
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Long table area 2

03 Gao Wei
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Long table area 3

04 Gao Wei
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Round table area

05 Gao Wei
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06 Gao Wei
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Long table area 4

07 Gao Wei
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Long table area 5

08 Gao Wei
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Long table area 6

09 Gao Wei
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Long table area 7

10 Gao Wei
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Long table area 8


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