The Beauty of Deconstructivism

Designed by: Oft Interiors
For client: UA Cinemas Floor area: 4094.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Entertainment Venue of the Year

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About the Project

Thus, if we want to create groundbreaking designs, it is us that need to have a breakthrough. If we want to reveal the intrinsic quality of beauty, we need the constructs of beauty. In this process, self-reflection and self-doubt are involved, and deconstruction is inevitable.

This UA cinema in Shanghai celebrates deconstructivism, a postmodern architectural movement that has started since the 1980s. Deconstructivism is about moving away from the shackle of traditions, questioning pre-existing rules, challenging pre-dominating frameworks. It is a movement about freedom and oppression. The deconstructivist philosophy originated from the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, who had influenced some architects during the start of the movement. His approach can be seen in some architectural designs, where there is an absence of harmony, continuity and symmetry in the lines and forms. This design is an attempt to participate in the movement, by creating non-rectilinear shapes that visually appear with unpredictability and controlled chaos. By disassembling space, perhaps a new meaning can be given to the usage of space.

What’s unique about it

Essence of deconstructivism is seen everywhere throughout the whole cinema, starting from the first part that is seen by the audience. The lobby is a bombshell, which reflects what it is all about: abstraction, virtuality, instability and openness. Audience may be surprised by the tension created just by shapes and forms when they look up while standing in the middle of the lobby, as this ceiling is not a flat surface; a number of irregular columns descend from the top, with lights situated in them.

The contrast of champagne gold and greyish blue appear to be more intense in such shapes. It seems to have no harmony here; the ceiling, the walls and the floor finishing all consist their own particular patterns and lines, the only consistency is the colours being used. It is almost like the only connection within disassociation. The white column contains champagne gold highlights while the metallic champagne gold columns contain concealed white lights, as if chaos is the only law that needs to be followed.

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