Hotel Room Mate Bruno, Rotterdam

Designed by: Teresa Sapey
For client: Room Mate Floor area: 17593.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Colour

Grand Suite

The exclusive red Grand Suite has been conceived to offer a unique and memorable experience within a maximum comfort environment. The entire room is red, like a Ferrari, representing its powerful and passionate identity. The warm lights, the red palette,

About the Project

Room Mate Bruno, located in a 19th Century spice warehouse in the city’s port, brings one of the few historical buildings left in the Kop Van Zuid district to life. Room Mate Bruno is Rotterdam’s newest asset, an attractive, energetic and adventurous captain, who will be the perfect guide for discovering the city’s wonders. The renown Italian architect Teresa Sapey brought Room Mate Bruno to live. Teresa was able to combine tradition with avantgarde tendencies in a building that preserves its original structure and character. Taking the visitor on a historical trip through the Dutch colonies. The outstanding colors, nautical elements and the Flemish paintings on the wall play a very important role in the hotel’s décor. Sapey has kept the building’s naval identity, but she also wanted to take Spain’s sun, flavor and colors to the Northern Europe. The use of color stands out in Room Mate Bruno. But Bruno also holds a secret in its interior, a marvelous frozen garden. Where blue and orange colors unite to create an iron island that wraps a beautiful orange tree in the midnight sun. An environment that will make each travel experience unique.

What’s unique about it

We use colour as a material in its own right and as compass, to guide users through the space. This entire project is like a unique journey, each space is a new experience ready to be explored. The design is entirely bespoke and has been studied carefully, from the container all the way to the content, from the space to the furniture. Bruno is a sailor from the Dutch West India Company, who wants to show you this building and introduce you to Rotterdam’s history and heritage. The concept of the design has been influenced by three key elements: the spices, which embody the heritage of the building and site and tell the history of this amusing city; the warmth of Spain, its sun, people and culture; and the bright colours of the De Stijl movement. The yellow palette evokes saffron, sun and albero; the oranges represent cinnamon, nutmeg and Spanish citrus fruits; blues are used to recall the sea, the sky and the cold ice.

Room Mate Bruno Junior Suite

Junior Suite

Room Mate Bruno Double Standard Superiorjpg

The Superior Rooms have been designed to evoke the heritage of the site and its surroundings. The colour palette has been selected to recall Rotterdam’s history and Spain’s key traits, while also acting as a thread that connects the hotel. Each room is in

Room Mate Bruno Hotel Rotterdam Executive Room 2

Executive Room

Room Mate Bruno Hotel Rotterdam Family Duplex Room 2

Duplex (family) room

Room Mate Bruno Hotel Rotterdam Breakfast Area

The breakfast area lets into Rotterdam a piece of the well-known and warm Spanish sun. This space is inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean – citric fruits and albero, and of the different spices – saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg. The palette and the f

Room Mate Bruno Hotel Rotterdam Common Area 2

One of the most impressive areas of the Hotel is a courtyard located in the interior of the building and framed by a stunning concrete structure. Here, we decided to design a ‘Frozen Garden’, characterised by different shades of blue to evoke the sea, the

Room Mate Bruno Corridors 6

At Room Mate Bruno experiences are present and designed in every space. Therefore, all the hallways have been carefully studied, to ensure the brand’s leitmotiv is ever-present. Walking through the hallways is like going on a historical sailing trip throu

Room Mate Bruno Hotel Rotterdam Lobby 3

The lobby area offers multiple experiences and sensations, influenced by maritime themes such as sailing, exploring, and finding. Again, the reference to heritage of the site and the city is enhanced through the design - colour palettes, textures and mate

Room Mate Bruno Hotel Rotterdam Facade 3


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Teresa Sapey

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