Holiday Home, Vinkeveen

Designed by: i29 interior architects & Chris Collaris
For client: Private Floor area: 75.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: House of the Year

Public Score
6.04 Function
5.77 Innovation
5.95 Creativity
Vinkeveen Lr 10
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patio facing the kitchen area

About the Project

With only 55 m2 footing -plus a 20 m2 1st floor- this residential structure still has a luxurious feel of space, and all around panoramas to the surrounding nature. This compact home is built for a family of four, including a living room, a kitchen / dining room, a patio, three bedrooms, one bathroom and two toilets. The layout is developed from the inside-out, using every cm2 to make the most out of the given space. A smart arrangement of functionalities defined the layout of this tiny home. Four separate volumes are interconnected around one central patio which result in a efficient layout, using integrated custom furniture. Each volume has its own program, while the boundaries between inside and outside are being blurred due to large expanses of glass. We made use of simple materials like natural oak wooden panels -or stained black to combine with the rough pinewood facade- and a continuing polished concrete floor.

What’s unique about it

We strived for a design strategy in which architecture and interior architecture come together in a model combination. By linking interior components to the architecture and vice versa, the result is a high quality project which is not dependent of expensive materials or technical show. In every detail we aimed for the ultimate space efficient solution possible. Every aspect of the design is approached to produce a clear image and a unifying whole. Making quality projects is, in our opinion, not always ‘the bigger the better’. With only some simple yet smart interventions this project is of the highest standard and at the same time energy efficient, eco-friendly, and built with a small footprint. In this sense it’s a model example of a tiny house; smart, comfortable and no consessions to quality in both the interior and architecture design; small is beautiful.

Vinkeveen Lr 01
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Vinkeveen Lr 23
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detail kitchen

Vinkeveen Lr 17
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detail kids room

Vinkeveen Lr 19
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bedrooms & stair to 1st floor

Vinkeveen Lr 21
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black facade & black stained oak panelled kitchen

Vinkeveen Lr 09
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patio, living room and kids room

Vinkeveen Lr 06
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living room & kitchen area

Vinkeveen Lr 05
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patio facing the living room

Vinkeveen Lr 04
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Location of project:
i29 interior architects

Chris Collaris

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