ROOMS by Fattal

Designed by: Roy David Architecture
For client: Fattal Floor area: 1200.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Co-Working Space of the Year

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Custom carpentry meeting diners

About the Project

The primary design objective was reflecting both the familiar world of Fattal’s hospitality and the developing CO-WORKING world. A space where values and principles of accommodation and personal attention meet with teamwork and networking. The design challenge was creating a space appealing to tenants looking for a cooperative and pleasant work environment, while also providing a hotel experience. The Fattal vision is to create a hybrid connecting the world of hospitality with the world of office spaces and to achieve a new type of experience. The programmatic design puts an emphasis on creating enveloping workspaces, while using the space closer to the buildings core for public functions including meeting points and informal work areas. The resident of ROOMS has a range of work areas to choose from, if it’s an informal meeting in the LOUNGE, desks in the LOBBY or a private conversation in the BOOTH.

A holistic approach was taken, striving for a balance between the established hotel approach and the young and vibrant office world. It is apparent in the space through the materiality, branding and art, custom carpentry and lighting. For example, the reception floor is of marble fragments instilled in concrete, while the lighting is of a traditional hotel.
The proximity of the NYX Hotel and ROOMS is of great importance, they are joined by an intimate corridor with unique nonconformist art, connecting the mysterious darker NYX and the rich innovative ROOMS.

What’s unique about it

This project should win because of its original outset to create a hybrid co-working space with a new concept, a combination of the hotel and office worlds. This objective led the project be a fusion of the two typical styles, becoming a unique space in the co-working offices landscape.

In order to achieve the vision, the space was called to accommodate a wide range of functionalities and materials, which drove the team to innovation and custom made solutions. All carpentry elements in the space are custom made and designed by RDA to serve their exact purpose and aesthetic, parametrically designed metal tiles were developed as wall installations and one of a kind lighting fixtures were created to compliment and contrast. The use of many different techniques and technologies, including parametric design, 3d modeling and CNC patterning, created and exclusive and particular design. Another prominent component of the overall look is the use of art and branding graphic design throughout the space. The nonconformist pieces of art push boundaries, while the bold graphic letters give a distinct brand identity and add great value. As a result of the described above, we believe the final space is unique in its category, providing an exclusive experience for both the client and the tenant.

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Corridor connecting NYX Hotel and ROOMS, including work of art.

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Open workspace integrated in lobby

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Private team room

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Lounge adjacent to open work space. Implantation of parametrically designed metallic tiles by RDA

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Carpentry, lighting and art details

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Kitchen lounge adjacent to private team rooms

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Composition of benches and diners

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Open Work Space with integrated tiles in concrete floor, custom carpentry benches and shelving, with custom light fixture structure.

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Offices Reception

Marketing clip by Fattal presenting the concept of the project and available options and functions.

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