Food Court KaDeWe – Die Sechste

Designed by: studio karhard®
For client: The KaDeWe Group Floor area: 2000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Restaurant of the Year

Kaese 0009
© Stefan Wolf Lucks

The cheese stall between Kartoffelacker and the Daluma

About the Project

Since the 1920s, ‚Die Sechste’ (the sixth floor), has been the location of delicatessen in the legendary Berlin KaDeWe which, since 2016, has been renovated and converted during operation according tot he master plan of Rem Koohlhaas and OMA.

Reorginisation of the Food Court, Design of Wine Retail, Cheese Retail and Tasting Bar, Fruits and Vegetable Retail, Champagne Bar, Wine Bar, Späti and Kartoffelacker - a 60 seat potato restaurant.

Our design is based on the KaDeWe from the 1920s, with the tidy and clear structure.

We organized the different areas like a city, with facades, streets and squares. In the circulation zones, one looks at the uncovered ceiling construction which gives the whole floor an airy industrial charakter

The choice of materials we have selected analogous to the goods: genuine and noble materials such as terrazzo, brass and steel.

What’s unique about it

The conversion of the KaDeWe Food Store places the highest demands on the combination of highly functional sales and catering areas with atmospheric bars and other areas.

Redesign of a traditional Berlin Institution without destroying it’s character.

Brass, black-fired brick walls & terrazzo Floor consisting of Berlin River sand quote the heritage of the beginnings of KaDeWe, link the traditional with the modern and demonstrate internationality with a local relevance.

Kartoffelacker 0006
© Stefan Wolf Lucks

View to the wine section between Cheese Bar and Kartoffelacker

Daluma 0001 N
© Stefan Wolf Lucks

Platforms in front of Daluma invite to linger, eat and drink, Daluma-Details designed by Thilo Reich

Juice Bar Dsc0738 Roh
© Stefan Wolf Lucks

Fruit- and Vegetables Section with a juice Bar

Spaeti Dsc0280 High
© Stefan Wolf Lucks

Late Night shop

Wine Dsc0190 2 Roh
© Stefan Wolf Lucks

Wine and spirits section

Wine Bar Dsc0190 High
© Stefan Wolf Lucks

Wine Bar could be uncoupled from the daytime operation

Champagne Bar Dsc0577 Roh
© Stefan Wolf Lucks

Champagne Bar between Wine section

© Stefan Wolf Lucks

Champagne Bar between Wine section

Thomas Karsten

Alexandra Erhard

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