Ambience Office, Bundoora

Designed by: Studio Y
For client: ambience Floor area: 454.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Light

New Ambience Night Image

Night time in the office.

About the Project

Derived from the highly visual nature of this lighting design firm’s brand identity, the design of ambience’s new workspace was a playful yet carefully considered use of natural light, shadow and colour mixed with artificial light. Weaving ambience’s light-hearted branding & tone throughout, the project was based on creating ‘a workspace where people want to work’; one that was as equally captivating and enchanting as it was productive.

Our concept centred around optical prisms, which can break light into its constituent spectral colours. This phenomenon was creatively executed through the use of lighting, colour and angular lines that visually connect walls, floors and ceilings.

This layered and compelling design is perceived differently from every direction, allowing visual connections throughout and altering perceptions of depth and range. In addition to a central workspace, there are more intimate zones scattered throughout, defined by bright pastel colours and glazed panels with a dichroic window film. It’s almost like a playground or labyrinth, with charms and illuminated surprises around every corner.

The space has been designed to give varied visual stimulation at different times of the day, from mesmerizing natural sunlight, to mind-bending prism effects and arresting backlit colour gradients, with colours becoming denser and shadows more dynamic – depending on time. In fact, the workspace literally changes colour and light at every minute of the day.

What’s unique about it

Light is the foundation of this design. As well as using lighting practically to create a productive and functional workspace, light has also been used as a material and artform to colour, texture, divide and create the overall sensory experience of this space.

The initial design experimentations were as equally resplendent as they were complex. Dedication to detail was king. All downlights were custom painted to live harmoniously in their allocated colour zone and linear LED extrusion was painstakingly assessed to be placed for greatest effect and interaction with dichroic and seating arrangements.

Working hand-in-hand with the dichroic film is a huge lighting feature; a custom-design, backlit, double layered acoustic panel in the ceiling. This was created to provide mood-calming and smooth illumination for staff, and to not clutter or confine the space with messy suspended fixtures. It creates a track-stopping and awe-inspiring moment whenever visitors or staff enter the space for the first time.

The result is a bold, highly visual, stimulating and vivacious workspace that inspires and impresses throughout the working day. It's audacious nature is one that has been met with wonder from staff, clients and visitors alike.

Ambience Interior 1280 850 0008 Layer 7

Back-lit mirrors appear to float against wall tiles.

Ambience Interior 1280 850 0013 Layer 2

These meeting rooms are constantly changing their appearance in relation to the light throughout the day.

Ambience Interior 1280 850 0007 Layer 8

Soft layers of lighting provide calm spaces to eat, meet and relax.

Ambience Interior 1280 850 0003 Layer 12

Custom lighting features extend into meeting rooms.

Ambience Interior 1280 850 0009 Layer 6

A custom-design, backlit, double layered acoustic panel in the ceiling is a huge lighting feature in the workspace.

Ambience Interior 1280 850 0011 Layer 4

The central workspace.

G0 A8097

Natural and artificial light meet and interact with the dichroic film.

Ambience Interior 1280 850 0014 Layer 1

Exterior view of the workspace.

Ambience Interior 1280 850 0004 Layer 11

Dichroic film detail on glazed window panels.

Dawn 'til Dusk. A day in the life of some of our favourite spots around the ambience office.

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