Helene Fischer Live 2017-2018, Germany

Designed by: 45 DEGREES – A division of Cirque du Soleil
For client: Semmel Concerts Entertainment Floor area: 350.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Set Design of the Year

Public Score
6.46 Function
6.52 Innovation
6.55 Creativity
Frame Concours10 A

Use of graphic design to represent the spiral of time.

About the Project

Helene Fischer has achieved an extraordinary career since her debut in 2005. She has sold more than 10 million albums, broke all possible records and received numerous awards celebrating her success. At the top of her career, she gave us the mandate to take her even further and offer her fans an unforgettable experience, beyond all expectations.

Helene Fischer, at the height of her career and physical fitness, could wish for nothing more than manipulating time to offer her audience a true gift. She will literally stop time for a moment during which everything will be allowed, she will go back and forth in time and make her audience relive her greatest hits as well as her new ones. She will even go as far as to stretch time by offering a show that will be three hours long. The scenography, the lighting, the staging, the choreography, the special effects, the video content and the costumes, they each tell the same story: the story of time.

What’s unique about it

At 45 DEGREES, a division of Cirque du Soleil, our mission is to continually push the boundaries of live entertainment. We value creative expression as a core component of human existence. While our show designs are often centered around a specific theme - such as time - they are driven by the universality of emotion and the very personal effect that each memory and moment can conjure within us.

Helene Fischer wanted to gift her fans with a night to remember. We put forth the storytelling strength Cirque du Soleil is renowned for to take the audience on a journey through the pop star’s illustrious career. Through that shared journey, we strove to bring everyone in the arena closer together.

The clock arm runway is a key example of this type of detailed approach in our design. The runway rotates in a full 360˚ circle, simulating the hand of a clock - a very literal reflection of the theme of time - simultaneously, it allowed Helene Fischer to be physically closer and able to connect to a greater number of fans than ever before.

It is said that good design is invisible, but the emotional response to good design is very real.

Frame Concours9 A

The secondary scene suspended above the audience reveals Helene Fischer.

Frame Concours8

The acrobatic design reflects the suspension of time.

Frame Concours7

The screen and the stage refer to the clock itself.

Frame Concours6

A continuous water dress for a breathless moment.

Frame Concours5 A

The acrobatic design reflects the suspension of time.

Frame Concours4 A

Never ending confettis for a timeless moment.

Frame Concours3 A

The acrobatic design reflects the suspension of time.

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The screen and the stage refer to the clock itself.

Frame Concours

The lights all around the stage represent the seconds has they pass.

Location of project:
45 DEGREES – A division of Cirque du Soleil

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