Vallea Lumina, Singapore

Designed by: Moment Factory
For client: The Adventure Group Whistler Floor area: 121406.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Digital Technology

Vallea Lumina Moment Factory 144 Ws
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About the Project

A sublime mountain landscape sets the stage for an enchanting twilight adventure.

How do you add to the enchantment of an already mind-blowing landscape? This was the challenge we tackled while creating a storytelling experience between Cougar and Rainbow Mountains near Whistler, BC.

Vallea Lumina takes visitors on a journey inspired by vintage mystery tales, brought to life with seamlessly integrated multimedia. The project was developed in collaboration with The Adventure Group Whistler, complementing their line-up of outdoor entertainment activities with an evening experience that has universal appeal. Its narrative environment is tailored to highlight the Coast Mountains’ natural beauty with video projections, lighting, sound and special effects.

Visitors set out from a forest rangers’ basecamp steeped in nostalgia. They pursue clues found in artifacts to follow the tracks of two long-ago hikers toward a secret valley. Hints are tucked into posters and cryptic radio signals; stardust and sparks contain secret messages, and the refrain of a catchy campfire song promises an unforgettable supernatural spectacle. This timeless tale invites people into a world of shared wonder framed by awesome natural landscapes that make even the most extraordinary stories seem possible.

What’s unique about it

We explored new frontiers of storytelling in Vallea Lumina. People are transported through time to a forest rangers’ basecamp steeped in nostalgia, where they set out on a mission to find a legendary hidden valley. Hints tucked into song lyrics and posters, cryptic radio signals and ephemeral messages in stardust and campfire sparks lead them toward an unforgettable supernatural spectacle.

Creating Vallea Lumina in Whistler was a homecoming for Moment Factory. This year we launched our first two night walks in Asia, Rainforest Lumina in Singapore and Island Lumina in Japan. After our success debuting the Lumina experience abroad, it felt great to cross back over the Pacific to bring the series to Canada’s West Coast for the first time.

The opening of Rainforest Lumina and Vallea Lumina this July brings the number of our international night walks to eight. Each Lumina uses a seamless blend of creative lighting, sound design, interactive elements, and projection mapping to shape a narrative environment that’s tailor-made to enhance the natural beauty of its site. Since we pioneered this new storytelling format with the creation of Foresta Lumina in Coaticook, Quebec in 2014, demand for Lumina night walks has burgeoned worldwide. Now, with Lumina experiences open in Asia and across Canada, from the Gaspésie to the Coast Mountains, we can’t wait to see where the Lumina adventure leads us next.

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