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About the Designer

STUDIO DOHO, a blend of the founder’s surnames, is a collaboration between architects Xin Dogterom (Dutch-Chinese) and Jason Holland (USA) which aims to explore experience-based design that creates excitement. They are storytellers at heart and use design to explore the possibilities and interactions of people in space.

Founded as a boutique design office in 2016 in downtown Shanghai, their work is a fusion of international perspective and local understanding of Shanghai’s global design ambition. They have completed, or are currently working on, over 30 projects in China which include a diverse collection of F&B, retail, office and lifestyle projects.

Their growing team, which consists of 6 people, brings together a highly skilled group with diverse backgrounds in design, construction and project management. The success of each project relies on their patient and persistent exploration of creative design to engage, inspire and transform spaces.

Why they’ve been nominated

STUDIO DOHO was formed with a simple idea: We Create Excitement.
They are an excitement driven office, which is reflected in their projects and office culture. Each project offers us an opportunity to consider new ways to use materials and tell a story.

Like a great story, we start their design with the end in mind and then craft a narrative that tells the client’s story through color, material and texture. The end result is an atmosphere and experience that captures the imagination of the client and packs a big idea into a small space; all of which is focused on creating excitement.

They deliver projects ranging from high-end to eccentric, under the constraints of small spaces, tight budgets and short timelines. Their desire to deliver great work drives us to work closely with contractors and spend generous amount of time on-site during construction to ensure a great result.

Each of their signature spaces is the result of listening to their client’s unique circumstances and providing a bespoke solution with elements of surprise.

OceanSpot Co-Retail Flagship

STUDIO DOHO was commissioned by new retail startup OceanSpot to develop a 127m2 co-retail flagship store in the heart of Shanghai. Co-retail is a new approach to retail that addresses shifting consumer interests in the age of online shopping. The driving concept is that multiple brands share a single space with a short-term lease, which allows new brands to gain exposure without the significant cost of a store fit-out.Short-term rental options make speed of flexibility a key aspect to the design. A fully integrated grid wall system was developed to allow overnight changeability of brand display. When not in use, the grid provides a strong design element in the backdrop of the space.Co-retail is also a testing ground for brands to experiment with consumer interaction. The design team worked closely with Oceanspot to integrate cameras which capture advanced data analytics on consumer behavior and the data is then provided to the brand.OceanSpot serves as the backdrop to the surrounding community and the exterior makes a strong statement to attract customers. A dichroic film was applied to the storefront, which changes colors when viewed at different angles and creates colorful reflections on the surrounding sidewalk to maximize excitement.

Project Name: OceanSpot Co-Retail Flagship
Client: OceanSpot
Typology: Retail
Completed: July 2018
Location: Shanghai, China
Lead Designers: Xin Dogterom and Jason Holland
Photography: Seth Power Photography

03A Ocean Spot 3A
01 Ocean Spot 01
02 Ocean Spot 02

Poke Poke

Shanghai-based restaurant, POKE POKE, was inspired by an “Urban Surf” concept. Situated in an old Shanghainese lane house, the mosaic façade and surfboard inspired counter tops make a bold statement on an otherwise traditional city streetscape.The key challenge was to create a modern eatery that reflects the Hawaiian origins of its food within the constraints of the small 32m2 space. The designers created outdoor bar counters that transition into the ordering area, while linking the interior and exterior space. The storefront was designed with a gradient tile mosaic that transitions from ocean blue to white, adding color to the urban corner.Extensive demolition work was required on the interior, including adding steel structure to allow the existing walls to be removed and create sufficient space for the kitchen and dining area. The colorful material palette was kept simple on the cozy interior to create a relaxed café atmosphere.

Project Name: Poke Poke
Client: Private
Typology: Hospitality
Completed: February 2017
Location: Jingan District, Shanghai, China
Interior Design: STUDIO DOHO
Lead Designers: Xin Dogterom and Jason Holland
Graphic Design: Katherine Szeto
Photography: M2STUDIO

05B Poke 2B
04 Poke 1

West Bund Bistro 2555

Bistro 2555, named after its address in Shanghai, is a Scandinavian cafe located in the redeveloped West Bund Art District of the city. The industrial space served as the first airport and runway in Shanghai and is now marked as Heritage Architecture. The original airplane hangar remains and has been refurbished into an international event space hosting premium fashion shows, conferences and product launches in a modern, industrial setting.The 330m2 cafe is adjacent to the large airplane hangar and serves as the sole F&B provider for events, as well as daily restaurant service for the public. Specializing in Smorrebrød, which is a Danish-style open-faced sandwich, the cafe features a central concrete counter and an open kitchen allowing the chefs to be on display. A private tasting room also serves VIP guests and provides meeting room/work space during events.The "Vintage Aviator" design blends simple Scandinavian design with the rich aviation history of the site. A white, modern industrial feel drives the project with replica airplane propellers on the wall, custom shared tables and aviator style soft furnishings.

Project Name: West Bund Bistro 2555
Client: Kofler and Kompanie
Typology: Hospitality
Completed: September 2018
Location: Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Interior Design: STUDIO DOHO
Lead Designers: Xin Dogterom and Jason Holland
Graphic Design: STUDIO DOHO
Photography: M2STUDIO

West Bund Final
Wba 04


ZHIZUOZHIZUO, which loosely translates from Mandarin to "craftsmanship", is a 70m2 bespoke tailor shop in Beijing. The brand previously existed online only, which provided STUDIO DOHO with the opportunity to explore the brands' identity for its first shop.The designers aim was to create an interior that captures the same level of modern detail as the bespoke suits being sold in the space. Custom fitted retail display for shirts, collars, fabrics and display mannequins were carefully integrated into the walls. Brass frame work accents the display recesses, similar to highlights on a custom suit. A concealed fitting room is located behind the display wall.Fabric from the brand's collection was integrated into a large work table to create a unique centerpiece table and allow the product to be the primary focus.A blue-grey color palette and a custom terrazzo floor create a fresh, modern space to complement the suits.

Project Name: ZHIZUO
Client: Private
Typology: Retail
Completed: April 2018
Location: Beijing, China
Interior Design: STUDIO DOHO
Lead Designers: Xin Dogterom and Jason Holland
Photography: Fancy Photography

Dsc 4192 Edited
09 Zhizuo 1

Pie BirdPie Bird

Pie BirdPie Bird is a 50m2 vintage American hand-made pie shop in the Jing An District of Shanghai. The shop is a modern version of a classic American corner store with traditional wood wainscoting at the counter and warm tones to create a vintage and charming atmosphere.The name, Pie Bird, was inspired by the ceramic bird that was traditionally placed in the center of a pie while baking to prevent the crust from collapsing. The bird also allowed steam to escape, creating a whistle when the pie was finished baking.Focus on the floor and ceiling was key to define the small space. Custom patterns, inspired by the shape of pies, were integrated into floor tiles and completed with a custom mosaic logo at the entrance. A modern interpretation of a classic ceiling features curved corners with gold tips and a stepped edge detail. Wood stripes on the wall, a subtle hint to the edge of a pie crust, complete the cozy store.

Project Name: Pie Bird
Client: Pie Bird
Typology: Hospitality
Completed: July 2018
Location: Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Interior Design: STUDIO DOHO
Lead Designers: Xin Dogterom and Jason Holland
Graphic Design: Grayson Stallings
Photography: M2STUDIO

10 Pie Bird 1

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