Nassim Mansion, Singapore

Designed by: 0932 Design Consultants
For client: Private Floor area: 323.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Large Apartment of the Year

Public Score
6.08 Function
6.01 Innovation
6.05 Creativity
01 View050000 2

Step-down living area with a fixed glass panel to frame-up the external landscape. A timeless artwork for the space.

About the Project

Nassim Mansion, located in the prime District 10 in Singapore, is an unexpected gem hidden within the hustle and bustle of a city. The abode has an area of approximately 3,477 square feet, surrounded by a beautiful landscape that was planted probably decades ago. This 41 years old unit built in the year 1977 has diagonal walls and structures situated along the centre and perimeter of the unit that makes the space inefficient for spatial planning. Due to size, the central space is relatively dimmed as well.

What’s unique about it

The intention is to keep the space airy and simple. Upon entering the unit, one will be greeted by a step-down living space with an unobstructed view towards the surrounding landscape. Walls are deliberately kept clean and simple with a fixed glass panel to frame-up the external landscape to become a timeless natural artwork for the interior space.

Existing diagonal walls are finished with matte lacquered natural oak veneers and off-white high-quality matte laminate panels that meanders throughout the unit to enhance fluidity and smoothen diagonal corners. Timber doors seamlessly hidden amongst the meandering wall panels for a continuous flow of material. A diagonal column that was inefficiently positioned in the centre of the space has been celebrated with natural oak veneers rounded at corners to give a signature to space.

08 View010000 02

A diagonal column finished with oak veneer and a wall-light as a center feature in the space.

015 View130000 02

View towards living area with oak veneer portal to frame view.

03 View150000 02

View at living area

016 Mbrviews View010030

View at master bedroom.

013 View120000

View at common spaces for reading etc.

09 View030000

Dining area with oak veneer curved at corner to celebrate existing diagonal walls.

010 View020000

View at dining area with oak veneer wall panel curved at corner flowing towards common corridor.

04 View070000

View towards walk-way and dining area with a diagonal column celebrated in the center of space.

05 View080000

View towards dining area with a timber screen to subtly segregates from living area.

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0932 Design Consultants

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