Interactive Sphere Grid, Frankfurt

Designed by: bright! gmbh
For client: PRG Germany Floor area: 900.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Best Use of Digital Technology

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About the Project

The „interactive sphere grid“ is an immersive kinetic installation concepted and realized by bright! gmbh in collaboration with hantmade and Jerry Appelt Lichtdesign for the PRG Deutschland booth at the Pro Light + Sound trade fair 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Artists walking under and within the installation of 169 kinetic spheres are given the ability to stage their very own set with this 3-dimensional light sculpture. Whilst the general form of the grid is pre-programmed in sync with the music, the actor below can interactively control not only the position, speed and color of the shape around and above him but also the tint of the light. Giving artists the ability to fully control the set around them and thus use the whole stage to express themselves gives the audience a truly stunning and unique experience.

The installation consists of 169 LED spheres, hanging in a 13 x 13 pixel grid moving up and down on kinetic winches above the center of the venue. The position, movement speed and color of the pixel matrix and the color of the lighting fixtures inbetween is interactively controlled in realtime by a custom generative software processing motion tracking data of actors walking below the installation into position and color information.

What’s unique about it

The „interactive pixel grid“ is the first ever use of a motion tracking system controlling kinetic elements in real time.

As the endless possibilities of changing rooms by the means of projection, LED walls and interactive video content are nearly exhausted today, this edge-of-technology light sculpture and the technology behind it takes staging spaces to a new level.

Not only controlling lighting or media with motion-tracking technology, but also having the ability to shape spaces, and thus totally change the stage they are in, gives artists a way of creativly expressing themselves not in existence before.

With a pixel matrix of 13 x 13 spheres, moving 9 meters up and down, almost endless amounts of 3-dimensional forms are possible. Adding the individual control of color, movement speed and the interaction with the lighting around the installation, the „interactive pixel grid“ is a ever changing playground for creatives and artists.

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Location of project:
bright! gmbh

hantmade GmbH

Jerry Appelt Lichtdesign

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