Fūme Scent Lounge, Toronto

Designed by: dkstudio architects inc.
For client: Coty Canada Floor area: 90.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Best Use of Digital Technology

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The Fragrance Inhalers are a new way of sampling perfume without being overwhelmed by physical spray. Each inhaler is filled with scented crystals and has a unique RFID code tied to the digital Fragrance Finder which illuminates once a user's fragrance ma

About the Project

The Fūme Scent Lounge reinvents the perfume experience, creating a dynamic journey that stimulates all senses, offering a digital, interactive discovery of one’s favourite fragrance.
The design reveals an exploration of the fractal movement of mists of perfume. A ribbon canopy twists & spirals as it rises from the floor and swirls above. The fragrance counter is a dynamic place of encounter where patrons, through engagement with interactive screens & a digital Fragrance Finder discover their fragrance persona. The Fragrance Finder curates your experience taking you on a digital journey, exploring moods, scents and emotions related to your personality & preferences. The results trigger one or two fragrance inhalers that are filled with scented crystals & tagged with RFID readers. A few inhalers illuminate once a fragrance match is found, offering patrons a chance to sample perfume scents without physical spray. A series of media towers digitally represent each unique fragrance, allowing for either a single brand media experience per tower, or a full digital concert of images and videos across all screens celebrating one perfume. Images & videos dance across this backdrop, dissolving in and out of focus like a fine mist.
The lounge experience is fleeting, changing, & momentary. When you move around the kiosk, discover your fragrance persona, test & play, you can feel for a few moments - the art of momentarily fleeting, sensual, non-linear movement of a spray of perfume.

What’s unique about it

The Fūme Scent Lounge is the first perfume boutique of its kind in the world. It targets millennials in an quickly-changing consumer market that finds traditional perfume kiosks & the practice of white overcoat donning sales associates approaching potential patrons and spritzing them with perfume, tired and stale.
The new model is about creating a multi-sensory, interactive media experience that puts the customer at the centre, empowering them to discover their favourite fragrance, or just embark on a journey of discovery and play.
The Fume Scent lounge offers an alternative way to shop that bridges the growing gap between the either /or dichotomy of online shopping versus traditional bricks and mortar shops. This is done through balancing extensive use of digital media and interactive technology with a sensual experience that triggers one's senses of sight, touch, sound and of course smell. In the shifting world of retail and perfume today, this bridge may make all the difference.

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The Digital Fragrance finder helps discover one’s favourite fragrance.

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Discreet fragrance inhalers are placed on a backlit RFID surface reader. A digital fragrance finder curates one's personal selection of fragrances which then illuminates select inhalers for sampling.

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Detail of the fragrance bar with the season display towers beyond.

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The fragrance counter is a dynamic place for patrons to explore their fragrance persona on an interactive journey of discovery. Once you’ve discovered your favourite fragrance via the bar’s digital fragrance finder, one or two fragrance inhalers light up

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Plumes of coloured mist flow across the digital towers making the invisible fractal dance momentarily visible in a full, digital concert across all screens.

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A full media takeover of the digital towers by a single fragrance brand video.

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Branding is strictly digital, & is displayed on the vertical digital media towers framing the kiosk as a backdrop. The towers stand deliberately separate from each other, allowing for each tower to have individual, temporary digital branding as above, or

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Entry to the Fume Scent Lounge. A virtual ribbon of mist swirls above the lounge and fragrance bar and a series of digital media towers with their ever-changing content.

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A virtual ribbon of mist rises and twists over the media towers during a full brand takeover. The gap between the towers moves the digital installation from the purely commercial to a level of art where disjointed & fleeting video content & images mirror

The video features the interactive journey of discovery through the Fume Scent Lounge.

Location of project:
dkstudio architects inc.


Icon Digital Productions

Vergo Construction

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